Reallized that though I registered here a bit ago, I've not made any posts and just lurkered a lot.
 So... howdy.
 So, what can I say about myself...
 To the benefit of honesty and brevity, let me first state I'm a bit of a fool.
 Aside from that, I get less joy from thinking than from doing something, and enjoy  gdoing martial arts and bike riding, though I do enjoy reading about history and work at a tech support center.

 Other than that... well, I grew up in Florida, went through all the proper and bestindoctrination... er... Christian private school in my local area.
 Came to atheism because I had some very good techers, as the schools didn't hire based off of belief, but actual skill.
 I've only had a light introduction to truly athiestic ideas, listened to Mr. Dawkin's The God Delusion on Audio, and am currently also reading through it.

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Welcome aboard. Glad to have you.
Howdy back, Michael,

There's lots of interesting people, blogs, groups and discussions here. It's a great place to bounce around your thoughts and ideas.


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