Hi to all my atheist com padres,

I was raised in a fundamentalist home with missionary parents. My folks were very strict in my upbringing along with physically and mentally abusive to me. But it wasn't until my mid 20's that I began to question my " faith". I went from conservative pentecostal churches to methodist, episcopal, catholic, and then eventually "worshiping" at home. The problem of suffering and pain and sickness could never be answered by any clergy man to my satisfaction. So I began to read  Bart Ehrman and his books opened up my eyes to the confused mess which is the Bible. From there I read Dan Barker and even a little Bishop Spong. It began as a dribble of doubt at first but after reading the books from these authors I was now in a full blown flood of doubt and even anger over being lied to about this so called god. Now I began to read Richard Dawkins The God Delusion upon which God as a concept died for me. Ever since then I consider myself an agnostic-atheist. I am still dealing with the residual christian influence from my past but hopefully over time it will get better.

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Hidy, Ulrich!  Glad you fell in.  Take your time, get the lay of the land and do please enjoy yourself here!

Welcome. I think we all deal with it for the rest of our lives if we were ever into theism in the first place. My pet peeve is that if the bible is a mess, why are you still wanting to believe in god? One god, so many different names, and so many different holy books. It's insanity!

There are lots of smart people here on AN.

Welcome, Ulrich. Glad you joined and look forward to hearing from you in the discussions.

welcome Ulrich .

God is not dead, it never existed. Welcome to the unburdened world of rationality.

Welcome and best of luck. For that is the force which guides the universe: chance

Welcome!  Thank god you're here. 




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