Just wanted to introduce myself, as that seems the right thing to do for someone who just joined A/N. (No, my name isn't really Nick Bottom, but I can be an ass when it comes to religion, hence my screen name . . . bonus points for you if you get the reference without doing a Google search.) I've been atheist since I was in high school, not long after my dad made me go to Bible study classes when I would rather have been hanging out with my friends and playing basketball. I sucked at basketball, but learning the Bible sucked even more. I "came out" fully as an atheist when I was married, and that caused my ex-wife to have a serious mental breakdown, which was the most unpleasant thing I have ever witnessed. And all the while, people were telling me I was the one who needed to see a shrink because I didn't believe in Christianity. 

So here I am today, looking forward to some discussions with fellow realists, atheists, or whatever you call yourself. I have a grand total of zero friends who are openly atheist, and I rarely tell people I am atheist—even in California, saying that can turn people off. Even my girlfriend (who is Christian) won't use the term "atheist" and prefers to avoid the subject altogether. :-(

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Welcome. I hear you in a lot of this. People think that if you  are atheist you are eating babies or something. My wife and I are separated. It may lead to divorce, but while we lived together I would sometimes get her to say she sometimes wondered if there really was a god. She's deeply theist but I caused her to think and also to laugh. I never did openly come out atheist to her though. That doesn't fly with everybody but it's perfectly OK around here on A/N.

Welcome Nick. We're happy you're here. As an atheist in the back woods state of ky l can relate to not having, or even knowing, another atheist. Unlike you l am openly atheist. I feel it's important that people in this area know we exist. And that we're just like them. Minus the god factor. This is my atheist family and I feel fortunate to have found it. I hope you will too.
My mistake Nick. Glad you're here.

Greets, Nick, and welcome to Atheist Nexus!  [A bit of Bill the Bard bearing on "Bottom"?!?]  I suspect you'll have a good time here, as we're all atheists to one degree or another, and if you need help finding your way around, please don't hesitate to give a shout.

Welcome Nick. Glad you found this little island of sanity in an otherwise bat shit insane world of theists who want to  kill each other over which invisible friend has the biggest dick. Yeah, I tend to be a little outspoken. Glad you found us, and welcome to the rational crowd, which certainly includes everyone here who welcome you. You're in good company!

Greetings, Nick, from a fellow newbie.  :)  That's a mighty handsome pup there--what breed is he/she?  *quietly curses appallingly bad eyesight*




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