Huckabee wants to fire atheists working for the government

So, the crazy train of the 2016 Republican primary is leaving the station. I’m not all that biased against incoherent utter bullshit, but if nothing else he should be hissed off the stage for his mangled metaphor about “the phones in our hearts that God is ringing.”

Dreams of Theocracy: Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is urging Christian conservatives to vote so that those who “refuse to hear God’s heart” can be replaced by the faithful.

Speaking at the 2014 Values Voter Summit this weekend Huckabee said:

Some of you are frustrated and even upset and angry about America, and I get it. And I say to you, the answer is as simple as it is that the answer to the phones in our hearts that God is ringing. When we register people to vote, when we get them to the polls to vote, when we hire the people that will take our values to this city, and when we fire the ones who refuse to hear not only our hearts, but God’s heart.


But relax, the wingnuttery is not limited to presidential wannabees. Not to be outdone on the extremism front, a National Review commentator wants to hang anyone who receives, gives, or assists in giving an abortion:

Come and get you some real, genuine religious liberty while supplies last.

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Someone needs to give Huckabee and Santorum the news that nonbelievers are as much citizens as the believers are, and if they can't deal with that, perhaps they're the ones who aren't qualified for office!

But, but, but... Christianists have a Sacred Obligation to take over government, and remake all of civil society the way God told them to! Nonbelievers are simply wrong about that! (Or so Huckabee et al. think.)

Huckabee sounds like another dangerous nut job that just like the bible he cherry picks the parts of the Constitution that he likes and ignores anything that doesn't jive with his doctrine but he is just a reflection of the mind set of the general population that also has no idea of law or right or wrong. So much for their illusion of moral superiority, they just do what they are told to believe and don't bother to think for themselves. I think he has no idea of how stupid his moral code is and these fools get elected to high office.  

You do know he's an ordained minister, right?

Great choice for a presidential candidate, totally unbiased about non believers. I still think he hasn't seen the light yet, and most likely never will. He would have been great during the Spanish Inquisition.

To Huckabee and his ilk, the "nones" are a non-entity.  They would just as soon believe we don't exist, and because we don't typically vote as a block, we might as well not.  It is estimated that the nones comprise as much as 20% of the US population!

I won't speak for anyone else, but Huckabee, Santorum and the rest don't remotely represent my interests ... and I'll be damned if I'll vote against my own interests.

>To Huckabee and his ilk, the "nones" are a non-entity.

They actually teach their sheep that no one can truly be a sincere atheist, and you can see them foaming at the mouth about it in countless less civil forums than A|N. Same with evolution.

[wry grin] They can teach anything they want, I suppose.  What they DON'T want to do is run into me, never mind try to pull that shit on yours truly.

That's a sight I'd dearly love to see!

We should always include the following whenever we hear stories about them:  These guys believe that:

a Jewish Zombie who is his own father can  make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and drink his blood while telepathically telling him that you accept him as your master so that he can remove an evil force from your soul which is present in humanity because a woman made out of one rib bone and a mound of dirt was tricked into eating fruit from a magical tree by a talking snake.

Furthermore, this Zombie, although he could raise the dead, walk on water and cure disease, had some problem removing some spikes from his hands and getting past some human Roman soldiers!

Spread the story it far and wide to everyone you know - let him hang himself with enough rope.

Hey, Huck. If their is a phone in my heart and god is ringing I have the solution. Do not answer the phone!


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