this is fairly significant folks.  as a constituency we are being ignored. most of us want some pretty basic things but politicians don't cater to us.  by some accounts non-believers carried the day for Obama this past November.  

what would most of us want?  here are my most basic requests:

1.  federal ban on creationism

2.  prayer and religious ornaments banned from public grounds

3.  legal abortion (i know it's legal, but it needs to be way more legal in some states)

4.  legal weed (i know it's not universal but i have a feeling it's close)

5.  end of abstinence only sex ed

6.  pentacostals all put in loony bins

ok, i can compromise on #6.  

feel free to add what i missed.  

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comments like this make me wish this site had a "like" function.

Pat, you made a small but important impact that day!

comments like this make me wish this site had a "like" function.

Amen! (Reclaiming the original meaning of "Yes!", "I believe it", "What he said!", no supernatural stuff needed)

You could always say R'amen. :D

And there's always that classic from the Roaring 20's:


I was actually waiting for the Judges to ask if I would really tell the truth. My answer was going to be, "I just did." However, it never got that.

Chad, I have trouble with this answer, even as I realize your are ":D". Any time we reveal ourselves as anything but serious, we weaken our presentation. 

I like the idea of fooling around with ourselves and join in the :D.

I was riffing on the Pastafarian answer to "amen" being "r'amen." And no, I do not expect him to actually do that.  But to the larger question: Yes, we cannot take ourselves too seriously, because down that road lies dogmatism. But of course one must chose the time and place for humor.

Personally, I think it is quite a useful tool. It can catch people off guard and help them to see things in a new perspective. It can also help drive home the point that "I am attacking your ideas not you." Which most believers have a hard time separating.

And in a venue like this, I feel that it is a safe harbor for some more extreme levity like the joking about the island of conservatives. But even there, there are lines. For instance (mind you this is given as an example) I resisted making a response to the island line that would have invoked the Holocaust in an irreverent manner. Not because I didn't think it funny and clever (I still do) but because I didn't know my whole audience and that is something that often falls beyond the pale, even in groups such as this.

Chad, of course you are correct, humor is a valuable and powerful tool for communicating. As usual, I get caught in the "serious" trap and need to lighten up. Thanks for the reminder. I agree there are some lines across which one must not go. Being playful, just to let off steam, in this safe environment, makes good mental health and we do need each other for that. 

I am grateful for this safe harbor. 

Pat, "When I was asked the "so help you god" part, I said 'No. I don't swear to anyone's gods of any kind. But, I'll tell the truth.'" 

Perfectly stated! I like it!

Couple of modifications.

1. Federal ban on teaching creationism in public schools. And, no academic accreditation for private schools that teach it. And no vouchers to parochial schools, whether they teach it or not.

2. Absolutely. 

3. Those wanting to outlaw abortions must refrain from the use of doctors and modern medicine, and go to faith healers or evangelical snake handlers, only. 

4. Yes, but keep the DWI laws about driving under the influence of marijuana in place. 

5. Yes.

6. I'm not so sure you should compromise on this. This might actually improve the economy. More admissions means more more jobs for mental health workers, construction of new facilities, etc. Then again, this does sort of smack of Soviet style punishment. Ahh well. One can dream.

Federally band creationism:

What? And play into their martyr complex? Besides, that would violate the Free Exercise Clause

Prayer and religious ornaments:

Perhaps religious ornaments, but for prayer, you have to be a bit more specific: official state sponsored prayer is already against the law, but for private citizens just doing their thing, that would again encroach on their constitutional rights and play into their martyr complex.


I fail to see how this is an "Atheist" issue.


See abortion

abstinence only sex ed:

Okay, this one I can get behind as an atheist issue, and I see valid constitutional grounds for ending it too. But I tend to see it as a state level issue, although I might be wrong.

Pentecostals in loony bins:

Aren't we already working on that with the FEMA Camps?

Hey, the bible-thumpers can teach creationism all they want ... with PRIVATE FUNDING in PRIVATE (read: parochial) schools!  They use so much as dime one of public money for it and they get HAMMERED!

Fair enough?




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