Hello everyone,
I am a 3rd year psychology student currently studying Human Resilience. I hypothesize that athiests are more resilient against the perils of life because we seek the power within ourselves to overcome adversity. I've been an athiest since I was about 13 and began to realize the ridiculousness of my friends catholic rituals.
I'm having a hard time finding data to support my hypothesis, but I see it evident in friends of mine that are also non-believers. I too have been through some major adversity having been in foster care, partially raised by 2 mentally ill parents, and a plethora of other crap I'll spare you my diatribe.
I'd be interested to hear your opinions on my H1

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Hi, Brigette. Welcome to the Atheist site that really does appreciate pet rocks. That is your pet rock in the photo, eh? :)
Yeah, kind of a pet rock. Consdiering that is is now a fossil, yet it is a rock, but once was a dinosaur bone. I found it on an archeological hike in Drumheller, Alberta. Home of the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur museum. Awesome place if you're into that kind of thing. Students from various universities take you out in the badlands and you look for striated rock...that is actually bone.




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