Human rights abuse against atheists in the Maldives... again

The Maldives, an island republic in the Indian Ocean where citizens are required by law to be Muslim, has been the scene of a lot of human rights news involving atheism. The first incident was in May, when a 37-year old Maldivian named Mohamed Nazim renounced Islam during a lecture, was attacked by members of the audience, then led off under arrest by police. A few days later it was reported that he'd had a change of heart while in police custody and publicly apologized for his atheistic apostasy. Only two weeks ago a Maldivian atheist was in the news again; this time for committing suicide. The victim, a 25-year old air traffic controller named Ismail Mohamed Didi, hung himself after knowledge of his atheism became widespread and he failed to find asylum in another country.


Now news has arrived of a 34-year old freelance Maldivian journalist arrested after an alleged suicide attempt through the use of drugs. One of the charges being levied against him is atheism.


More here.


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