Humanist book makes kindle best seller list in Parenting/Morals and Responsibility

Just wanted to share my exciting new. My book: The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom - which was written for teens and young adults made the Kindle best seller list for Parenting/Morals and Responsibility. And yes, it is an explicitly Humanist book.

Thanks for sharing in my good news. I'm pretty excited. The paperback edition didn't make a list, but was within the top 0.2% of books sold on Amazon. So it's doing pretty well.

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That is awesome, congratulations!!! :)


well done.

just placed an order on amazon.

hard copy not kindle!

looking forward to it!

Thanks - hope you like it!

Hi Jennifer,


If you have plans to come to London UK sometime do let us know. I am an organiser for the Central London Humanist Group.


Josh Kutchinsky

Hi Josh - I will. It will probably be a couple of years though before I can make it across the pond.




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