Many people likes animals. Most of those same people eats Chicken,Mutton,Fish, on....

So,Why many of those people who likes animals didn't thought that eating some animals is wrong ?

The same people who gets worried and angry when animals are being killed by poachers...but yet they eat chicken,mutton,beef, on.......

What is the difference ?

I mean...why some animals have to be killed and eaten by humans ?

Why can't these people who loves animals be Vegetarians ?

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If someone doesn't eat "biological life" there are no options left for eating except rocks. Oh, and mud.
Nutritionists now know that our bodies store and combine what we need.
That's true. But the fact still remains that a combination of vegetables has to be consumed to obtain a full complement of the essential amino acids.
Think of early foragers. They ate what was available.
Also true, but then, I know of no foragers that were vegetarians - if it was edible they ate it.
I do recognize that we consume far more meat than our body needs and that the excessive consumption causes some serious ecological problems as well as contributing to the shortage of food world wide.
Personally, I eat very little meat and even less red meat many of our family meals are meatless.
Where is the information on the longevity of vegans because I'm doubtful that's valid.
Nutritionists now know that our bodies store and combine what we need

Er we went down the essential amino acid rabbit hole, which over simplifies the human digestive system. The human body can manufacture what it needs from simple organic molecules...if it has too, but it's not like the digestive system breaks everything down into basic amino acids only to reassemble all the complex organic molecules it needs from scratch, that's horribly inefficient, we would be eating all the freaken time just to sustain our digestive system.

It's why I can't survive on a vegan diet. I run year around and play volleyball in the summer, muscle tissue burns fat, if I'm not getting enough fat, not oils, in my diet, my body will cannibalize itself. It will build up the layer of fat underneath my skin, only to cannibalize it latter....end up looking very odd, some people say sick =/
I realized the mistake later, I meant omnivore, it's kinda clear in the context when I said humans could survive on an all vegan or all meat diet....neither of them being healthy.
should I be eating MAN BEANS...(said in a manly voice). OF COURSE I SHOULD! I'm an omnivore, and I know that a lot of men would love it if I eat their beans

Why yes of course you should.Its a modern age ,and now days there is absolutely nothing wrong with females having the balls ! to be eating man beans

Kudos to you ! you go girl !
Ruminants convert many of the soil's nutrients not only for us but for many others at the same predatory level as ourselves. We cannot eat grass and you must admit it's in abudance, they convert it to energy we can use. It's called the food chain and it's worked for untold millions of years for the Dinosaurs and all the other Flaura and Fauna of the time were part of the same food chain. We are reasonably unusual in the fact we have an omnivore diet, although you know what this site is like if I'm wrong there they'll let you know.
I feel that it has only been with the growth of world trade vegitarianism has been able to take root because back in caveman times the exotic choices were'nt there and you would have died through various nutrient deficiences problems vegetarians and other people of restricted diet are prone to.
No tooth fairy designed the Earth if we did'nt eat the ruminants they destroy every green thing on Earth, they can be at least as greedy as we omnivores.
Food chain, always been a part of life.
Because of our growing meat diet - our meat consumption has increased hugely, we are feeding ruminants (best not mention we mean cows, goats and sheep) more grass and grains than ever in history. It takes 12 pounds of grain to 'produce' 1 pound of meat. The water use is also shocking. Animal industry causes deforestation, desertification, air and water pollution and human starvation.
The argument that humans have always done something is not useful. Humans appear to have always used ignorant superstition and religion to explain the world. We, atheists, reject this. It is time to change the way we exploit the earth and the other animals if we want to stop the destruction of our living planet. Unless you are planning to be lifted into heaven.
I agree it's disturbing and I agree the system as it is is not one we should be looking forward to putting on our resume as a species. Stopping eating meat altogether, however, is not the logical solution.
What's with the fucking 'heaven' reference matey. It's A/N we don't talk like that on this site.
Well we are one of the many animals. Some animals do eat other animals. Some animals only eat grass or leave or whole trees and some eat insects and take eggs and some eat dead animals that either died of age or got killed by accident or killed by other animals.

But only Homo Sapeins have a choice,we know what our nutritional requirements are, and have the technology to create an optimized diet using plant stuffs or even basic molecules/compounds, we *choose* not to, as it would require H. Sapien to change just about everything involved in what we consider, how we get, and process food for the benefit of other species.

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." -- Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci is considered among , if not thee, smartest person who has ever lived, and that day he is referring to is almost upon us....except I regard most animals orders of magnitude more highly than I regard most human beings, who just suck.
Da Vinci is considered among , if not thee, smartest person who has ever lived

Pretty bold statement. I can name quite a few people far more brilliant than Da Vinci. Also, Adolf Hitler is regarded as one of the most monstrous individuals in human history, and he was a vegetarian.

We often attack theists for their abusing appeals to authority. Do you really want to make the same mistake?
Also, Adolf Hitler is regarded as one of the most monstrous individuals in human history, and he was a vegetarian.

Beware confirmation bias. Like Hitler's xtianity, that one can blow up in your face at the hands of an experienced apologist. He was mostly vegetarian, and did promote people eating less meat. But by today's vegetarian jihadi standards he was no such thing. Wiki (and therefore lies).



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