Many people likes animals. Most of those same people eats Chicken,Mutton,Fish, on....

So,Why many of those people who likes animals didn't thought that eating some animals is wrong ?

The same people who gets worried and angry when animals are being killed by poachers...but yet they eat chicken,mutton,beef, on.......

What is the difference ?

I mean...why some animals have to be killed and eaten by humans ?

Why can't these people who loves animals be Vegetarians ?

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@Roy The Infidel: Interesting that you suggest this.

I have been working on a set of debate rules for Nexus. (Koo-dos to Grundgetta for not spilling the beans). Hopefully they will be up soon.

Perhaps we can run some of them as topics of the week. We could have official judges and a vote at the end for the winner.
@ Grundgetta

Let's get it on then!

BR or any of the A|N mods can initiate the debate proper. Set the rules, issues to be covered, etc.

Debate team members are nominated or selected by/ within their particular A|N Group.

The debate teams agree to abide by the rules set and issues to be covered.

Feel free to add your inputs.

@ Felch

Yes, we can. I don't suppose they'll include it on the rules. :)

Perhaps what we spectators can do (outside contributing inputs to team members) is run a mirror topic on the ongoing debate at our respective groups.

This should be fun and informative at the same time.

Brother Richard: Perhaps we can run some of them as topics of the week. We could have official judges and a vote at the end for the winner.

Sounds very interesting! This new moderated debate feature for certain topics on the main discussion forum ought to be a welcome format.

I'd love to see that moderated debate, I'll lurk in the shadows and if I am unpleased with the outcome, I'll start beating the same dead horse again in another thread.

Seriously though, I'd like to see that moderated debate happen. I always like a good debate, it would take a lot of time and effort to organize it though, something about herding cats and atheists springs to mind.

Isn't there some set of ground rules that can be set by moderators, I'm sure it would be easy to use a set of rules used in formal debate as practiced in Universities?

Would there be censorship in the moderated debate and would this still be published, possibly containing commentary? More importantly who would be the judge?
Reply by John D 2 hours ago
That Asian guy looks hungry!

Or Thirsty
Please to be explaining DADT for those of us who are acronym-challenged.
Hahaha! The acronym of peace!

Thanks for the explanation of DADT. I suppose I could have looked it up on Google, and then remembered I knew what it meant.
I spin around on a traffic cone.
I think this thread has morphed into a mix of fletch's Everything and the kitchen sink - miscellanea you simply have to post and Grundgetta's Husband of Word Association.
Let's kill it then eh?

As funny as that poster is, it is not necessarily true:

Or maybe this was a slick way to throw Godwin's Law into the debate.

Either way let's not forget these horrible people who were vegetarian:

• Charles Darwin
• Albert Einstein
• Mark Twain
• Leonardo Da Vinci
• Nikola Tesla
• Sir Isaac Newton
• Socrates
• Plato
• Pythagorus
• Henry Salt
• Thomas Edison
• Benjamin Franklin

And recently, Ellen DeGeneres and Ozzy Osborne. Oh wait, crap! Because of them two let's all go eat a steak.

I guess both sides have geniuses.
Horrible?! ... I really do hope that is your sarcasm.




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