Many people likes animals. Most of those same people eats Chicken,Mutton,Fish, on....

So,Why many of those people who likes animals didn't thought that eating some animals is wrong ?

The same people who gets worried and angry when animals are being killed by poachers...but yet they eat chicken,mutton,beef, on.......

What is the difference ?

I mean...why some animals have to be killed and eaten by humans ?

Why can't these people who loves animals be Vegetarians ?

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Despite Mister Brother From Another Mother's excessive use of emoticons.. yes, he was being sarcastic.
My sincere apologies, I didn't spot any emoticons...
@ Andrey: Yeah. If I wasn't being sarcastic I would volunteer to be the main course for the next Nexus Cannibal Fundraising Dinner.
Are you a furry too?
Out of simple curiosity, what furry do you imply to? The one who cares about animals or the other one...?
Furry defined.

I suppose my definition is people who like to think/pretend they are animals, and wear fake fur suits. Even mores specifically, I can not define any further, as this is a mixed-age site.
I see...
I guess this is not the Atheists Who Love Science site, or it would not be necessary to state that we ARE animals. Or did God create you out of Adam's rib, Grundgetta?
Oi! That's not a fair representation. It'd be like if people took the few asshole atheists and judged us all to be atheists. I don't like fursuits, I don't get the big deal.
My apologies for my incorrect interpretation.
Or maybe this was a slick way to throw Godwin's Law into the debate.

A feeble attempt to drive a steak through the heart (haw, haw. geddit?) of this thread and have a nanosecond window until the next one starts. Whack-a-mole with political vegans can get to be too much of a good thing way too fast.
@Fred Werther: Don't get me wrong. I agree with you on this point. This list was only in response to Felch's comical poster about Hitler being a vegetarian, and the repeated posts about vegetarians being so stupid. I wanted to show both sides had persons of immense intelligence.

Personally, I support anyone's right to be an activist about anything they choose. However, they MUST obey all laws when doing so. And, like religious views, when their "freedom of speech" goes into the marketplace, it deserves no special attention or immunity to scrutiny.




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