Sectarian violence has been going on in Nigeria for several years.  According to some reports, at least 200 people, mostly Christians, were killed Sunday in response to 300 people, mostly Muslims, being killed in January. 


In the comments under the article, one Christian said (talking of Muslims) "Funny for a 'peaceful' religion, everytime i read a headline with the word muslimit's always something about death and killing. I say rid the earth of all muslims........peace at last."


It's unbelievable how a person can condemn Muslims killing people in one sentence and then turn around and say they want to kill all the Muslims in the next sentence. 

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Just let them kill each other off, lol. Natural Selection at its finest.
Proving once again that religion and ethnicity are the two most reliable causes of murder and brutality in all of human history.
Ignorance, unfortunately people in Nigeria produce too many children but they don't educate them.




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