I feel helpless to do anything for folks affected by the storm and floods.  I am worried about how people are coping, and hoping it is not another Katrina.  I suppose there will be agencies asking for money and will at least keep my eyes open for that.  I wonder if is possible for a group to sponsor a family or something like that, to help them get through the disaster and aftermath?

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Daniel, one thing I can suggest to you is the Foundation Beyond Belief. They are an utterly secular organization which is being organized by among other people, Miss "actually I am an atheist," Rebecca Vitsmun!!! You might give it a thought.

Daniel, I second Loren's recommendation of the Foundation Beyond Belief for donations.  

We all feel a bit helpless when such catastrophes strike, especially when we live so far away.  As has been said before, the best way to help is financially.  This way the money can be spent locally on items that are needed most at the time.

I imagine residents of Texas who are outside the devastated areas are helping in unique, non-monetary ways that only close-by neighbors could do.  I know there will be countless stories of generosity and heroism that we will never hear about.  

As shitty as humanity can be, it's times like this that restores my hope that at our core, we really are decent people.


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