Hurricane Irene just passed through my home state of Mass.  I hope everyone in it's path are safe. 

As I was looking for news about the storm, I came across this on CNN:


It didn't take long for this natural event to be equated to god.

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Remember this too: Glenn Beck (aka Lonesome Rhodes) was once employed by CNN, on the sister Headline News channel. He was doing this crap on CNN before he went to FoxSpin until K. Rupert Murdoch (his full name) got tired of it.

I have seen A Face in the Crowd, in fact. =)  And the Lonesome Rhodes reference was what Keith Olbermann called him (and still does) on his Countdown news program.


Need to read 1984 and It Can't Happen Here - seems as though the authors must have known what was coming (George Orwell and Sinclair Lewis).

Why isn't the post-Irene, blissfully sunny weather forecast attributed to god as well? That's kind of a mixed message. Then again, god does seem pretty bipolar. Or maybe the abusive and then remorseful parent.
If God does exist, he probably prefers atheists. It's kinda like how some Hollywood celebs enjoy occasional anonymity.

"Shit! There's that Glenn Beck douche! Why won't he just leave me alone?"
It didn't take long for crazy eyes to capitalize on a natural disaster.

I prepared with batteries and water. 


During the storm, I read the holy book..."The Demon Haunted World."


Then the winds died, the rain stopped and the sun came out...praise the Sagan!!

I knew that would come -- they like to attribute everything to god.

" The word hurricane is derived from "Hurican," the Carib Indians' god of evil."  here


So, in a sense, a hurricane is a god.  just not the god of the hebrews.


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