Anyone who's been in hurricane SANDY yet?  Or will be, do you think it's going to be pretty colorful?

Only about 25 mph winds forecast here in Ithaca NY, but with that and rain, I'm having to prepare.  I hope the power doesn't go out, I'm highly dependent on electricity.

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We are glad this one skipped Florida for a change but you stay safe.

I'm in NJ. It is unlikely that we'll get really high (hurricane force) winds, but sustained rain will make flooding and power issues a serious problem. Last time I was without power for a week, and had no way to pump out my basement.

Two weeks ago I fortunately purchased a generator on sale, big enough to cover refrigerator, freezer, some lighting and the basement pump. For the last couple of days, generators are pretty much unobtainable around here.

My trees have suffered a lot of damage in the past couple of years.

I hope everyone back east will be safe, dry, and reasonable comfortable.  I don't envy anyone who has to ride out this Frankenstorm.  

I admit to some selfish thoughts.  I hope it doesn't have an impact on the election that helps the other side.  Not sure why it would, but who knows?

Other than that, if it looks like impact will be big, I'd have some supplies on hand, enough for a few days.  And blankets.  And someone warm to snuggle with.  And some way to heat food - but watch out for anything that makes carbon monoxide.   And food that doesn't spoil quickly.

I think most of the blue states are in the northeast so that might impact the election with downed trees and power lines.  Hope everyone votes early.

My well wishes to everybody on the east coast effected by the storm. I heard it's going to dump a ton of snow over the area.

Really glad I live in the Las Vegas valley at the moment...

Everyone stay safe from the storm. Be well.

They're saying 35 mph winds here, today.  I might go outside, to be safe. 

Sandy was a very underwhelming hurricane, here in central NY state.  I spent several hours outside because I was worried the power would go out, I have to use a respirator indoors so if the power goes off, I get sick. 

But the winds were only a bit gusty.  The clouds were racing nicely.  The wind at the surface is much different from the wind in an exposed place.

So I went indoors, hoping the respirator wouldn't shut off overnight.  It didn't. 

My thoughts go out to those of you whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Many people around here continue to have no power (I have a generator as long as I can keep draining gas from the cars). Lost shingles on my roof. Not really bad compared to others.

Glad you are safe and not too much damage!


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