Anyone who's been in hurricane SANDY yet?  Or will be, do you think it's going to be pretty colorful?

Only about 25 mph winds forecast here in Ithaca NY, but with that and rain, I'm having to prepare.  I hope the power doesn't go out, I'm highly dependent on electricity.

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the air pump for the respirator I use indoors, broke and the person who makes them lives in Connecticut, near the shore.  So I don't know when he'll get another air pump to me.  So right now I can either stay in my house and be sick, or camp out in my front yard or something.  So it was a big hurricane here after all.

I still have no power (though I'm using the generator sparingly to conserve gas).

I live in an old house, with pilot operated furnace and hot water (unlike the 'modern' electronic ignition devices). My hot water furnace also relies on convection, so there are no circulators or blowers.

What this means is, unlike many around here, even when the power is off I have hot water and heat. Not freezing my butt off at night.

But you can't get this kind of stuff anymore. In their infinite wisdom our EPA has decided that the small amount of energy used by a pilot is wasteful, and that convection powered systems are inefficient. Hehe, all these energy-star rated homes are cold.

How are things now? 

What was it like being in the hurricane?  could one walk in the wind? 

There's a video on Youtube of some people who bicycle around flooded Manhattan during the hurricane. 

I'm always amazed at how vulnerable our society is to disruptions like this.  That we as a society don't have a better immune system or better self-defense.  People's bodies are designed a whole lot better than societies. 

I got my replacement respirator, so I'm back to living in my house, after 6 nights sleeping in a motel or camped outside.  It was very stressful. 

fubar comes to mind; i just go into overdrive cutting downed trees or construct mode post hurricanes.. shutters .. in 82? we had flood from stalled out something.. huge terraforming of canals off 595 w. of ft laud beach.. to everglades

occupy feeding fema folks/occupy community leader meets with national guard
and climate change = large terraforming w/o a care if you exist.. this Earth thing! ; )

green energy's look real good/mobile to boot
maybe gov. electric cars since charging stations i read at nationl parks.. .

~off subj but pertinent
amazing times:

The President of Uruguay Jose Mujica has been dubbed by international media as 'the poorest president in the world'.

In his latest official declaration of wealth, he says he owns just two vehicles, a small amount of property and his farmhouse. He donates 90% of his salary to charity.

Mujica became president of Uruguay after a landslide victory more than two years ago. After a half a term in power, he is now backing a bill to legalise the use of cannabis.

same list of top stories at bbc 'woman dies from denial of abortion; ireland becomes catholic laughing-stock?! more art, more freethought, more science = better world


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