You have probably heard of sexual assault against children. There are various behaviors some people might do to their kids - rape or intercourse, rear end raping boys, cutting off pieces of kids genitals, screwing around with boys genitals, other things like beating or spanking, and so on. And then the victims are supposed to keep quiet about what was done to them. Suppose I tell you what they did to me anyway. Do you think you should tell me how ignorant or no good I am for telling you or for thinking it was a bad thing or for making you feel too guilty? So for example if you hear a story about any sort of assault against children you immediately, automatically know the behavior is a bad thing you should not do to your kids if you have any. The reason you are able to recognize these behaviors are bad is not because you are so smart or because you used logical reasoning, it is because most people around you think these behaviors are wrong. But if you are a typical person, if an abuse or assault normal in your culture, the fact that the assault is normal in your culture inhibits your ability to recognize it as wrong.

So my parents are part of a bizarre cult and in following the cult's rules, they paid a guy to come to their house and do this bloody assault (there ritual actually requires blood to come out, I am just not supposed to say so) where in a bedroom he strapped me onto a board and cut part of my genitals off, for the sake of a religion I did not believe in then and I do not believe in now, while I cried my heart out and 30 guests were in the living room and then they had a perversely joyous celebration, and my assaulter put bandages on the mutilated remains of my body parts and he and my dad said the prayers and then they called it a mitzvah and everybody was so happy and proud that my parents had a son and this is what Jewish people have to do to celebrate when they have a son. 

So now I am re-educating you because I want this assault to become illegal. Circumcision is very serious sexual assault and permanently damaging sexual mutilation, which was invented by certain ancient tribes, in order to try to inhibit masturbation, because religion entails a certain kind of mental disorder which is a serious, severe, gut instinctive hatred of certain body functions and sexual behaviors, and then the reason typical people do not understand this is because any assault that is normal in a culture, typical people people in the culture are not able to recognize it as bad but any assault that is not normal in a culture, people in that culture immediately recognize the other assaults as bad. So for example if you are a typical person you recognize that female circumcision is bad but you think male circumcision is good or neutral. Or Typical people know perfectly well that this assault is wrong but they have to do it anyway.

The fact that most men are not able to do not recognize what they are missing does not make this assault ok, and all the medical reason's in favor of circumcision are false, just as false as the reasons in favor of religion; all the medical excuses are myths and superstitions, there is no such thing as a valid medical reason and non Jewish circumcision is also evil. The complication rate is 100% and I had an epiphany when I was 27 where I became rather aware of what they did to me and what I am missing.

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Twenty or so years ago there was, and still might be, an organization named NoCirc formed for the purpose of ending what I think is a barbaric practice. When I heard of it, I heard also that many cut men use small weights to restore their foreskins. I haven't searched cyberspace but I'm sure there are related websites.

My mom's MD was Jewish and she gave birth in a Jewish hospital, and I was cut. I was in my upper teens when she told me that when she brought me home I didn't trust anyone.

After I read about circumcision, I wasn't surprised that I didn't trust anyone.

Here Wikipedia's first paragraph for NOCIRC:

The organization was founded in 1985 by registered nurse Marilyn Milos, who remains the director today. The organization was the first national clearinghouse in the United States for information about circumcision. In its first decade, NOCIRC grew into an international network and now has over 110 centers worldwide, including at least seventeen outside of the U.S. It is a member of the International Coalition for Genital Integrity (ICGI).

I am against circumcision but fortunately I have never had that rite performed on me. Circumcision in the male seems to be popular for a couple of reasons. Putting religion aside, there seems to be doctors and some of the public who believe this:

(1)  Circumcision promotes cleanliness. Unfortunately there are still those who believe this rite was

      performed because of a lack of water and mankind being too stupid to pull the skin back and wash down there.

(2)  Circumcision helps prevent masturbation. Do the ones that believe this not masturbate? Maybe they think they are preventing you from ending up like Onan.


Whatever the reasons here, I have known women who absolutely would not date you unless you are circumcized, and these females were not religious. Maybe their opinions came out of the 2 reasons above. That belief can also go the opposite way, but their are some who believe that circumcision prevents the male from carrying diseases. (Back to reason 1 above.)

I am against circumcision of male and female. I think this is a crime against humanity. Even so, I have known new mothers too stupid to realize that they need to pull the skin back on their baby boy and gently wash the smegma away before his penis rots off!

What will solve the circumcision problem? Greater education.

Smegma, aka pecker cheese. LOL

More seriously, education will solve the problem when belief yields to reason.

As you said, Michael, reason alone won't defeat #1 above.

Acknowledging xianity's hostility to sexual pleasure would defeat #2 above.

As the author of Atheism for Dummies points out, xianity's motives are not to be examined.

Is that the same as fromunda cheese?

Probably the same; it comes from unda.

Children do not have retractable foreskins until they are approximately 12-16 years old. Until then there is no distinction between glans and foreskin except that you see just a little bit of tissue extending past the glans but there is nothing to retract and if you retract something you will cause a such terrible damage. You should not touch your kid's body parts. If necessary pour cups of water over it.

If you have 35 mins. spare, here is a video about circumcision.  Warning:  this video can be difficult to watch at times. 

And this video discusses some of the tragic outcomes that have occurred as a result of circumcision.   Granted, these events are rare, but why subject males to medically unnecessary procedures in the first place?

Remember, the complication rate of circumcision is actually 100%, or more than 100% when you count the hell I gave my parents when I realized what was done to me. You just only hear about the so called blatant problems because the problems you do not hear about are the way Judaism or American culture wants the male body parts to be and the "rare" problems are the way the cultures do not want the body parts to be.

Are you a troll trying to piss off men who realized what they are missing or are you so brainwashed that you actually feel it is your duty to make sure people continue circumcising?

This is an atheist website. We atheists don't reply kindly to direct marketing of religious nonsense or promotion of blatant sexual assault on atheist websites. Are you thinking like an atheist or like a religionist or a closeted religionist?

Circumcision is an obsessive-compulsive behavior invented by certain ancient tribes in order to try to inhibit masturbation because religion entails a certain obsessive-compulsive hatred of certain body functions and sexual behaviors. All of the medical and cleanliness excuses in favor of circumcision are bogus. All mammals have foreskins. Circumcision your dog and you go to prison. Circumcise your kid and people call it a mitsvah.

Men and women BOTH have foreskins. On women the foreskin is typically called the clitoral hood. And women's body parts will get dirtier than mens body parts ever would, and you are already against female circumcision, and it is ALWAYS wrong to cut parts of peoples bodies off. I don't care what the person's age or gender or religion or wishes are. And why the genitals, of all places?! What if your ears or eyes get dirty? But there is nothing obviously sexual about the eyes or ears. I wonder why religion doesn't put peoples eyes out for looking at pornography? Rape is a combination of violence or assault and something sexual.

Fortunately, a growing number of Jewish families are questioning the tradition of circumcising their boys.

Brit shalom is catching on, for parents who don’t want to circumcise their child (j. "the Jewish news weekly of Northern California")

Notably, the article matter-of-factly and unequivocally mentions secular humanistic rabbi Judith Seid as a rabbi, treating her equally to rabbis from the theistic Reform branch of Judaism.

(My introduction to Judith Seid was her book God-Optional Judaism -- for which I was pleasantly surprised to see an articulate, positive, five-star glowing review on Amazon from an Orthodox (Hasidic) rabbi who clearly disagrees with its "theology"!)

The foreskin should NOT be forcibly pulled back on a baby!  Gentle washing is all that is necessary until the boy is older.  Then the skin can be pulled back.  Only in the U.S. do women prefer circumcised men, and that is changing as the practice becomes less common.  European women, and women who have slept with both circumcised and uncircumcised men, prefer the latter.  If an adult man wants to be circumcised, fine.  Cutting babies with knives is ALWAYS wrong, and it ALWAYS violates their right to a NORMAL, intact body.




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