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1. Please post one word, or a phrase, or a poem, or song lyrics, or even an essay that springs immediately to mind when you see the last entry posted. Any language. (updated 2010-02-06)

2. Photos and images are fine as long as you accompany them with text. (updated 2009-12-20)

3. Please do not post questions asking what other entries mean. If you don't understand, or are not inspired, wait for someone else to post, and add your entry when you are inspired. This should be as stream-of-consciousness as possible.

4. When you get to the bottom of the Ning nest, please create a new string all the way over (reply to this post), and include the last entry you can't respond to with your response.

5.  Keep in mind the Ning TOS , and the Atheist Nexus Rules and Guidelines.  (Added 2010-08-27)

Want to relive the glory of words gone by? Look here, and here.

Carried over:

LOST: male dog, has one eye, mangled right ear, limps, has the mange and bad breath. Answers to the name, "Lucky".

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Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are!
Goodnight comb, goodnight brush, and goodnight to the old lady whispering, "Hush."
I'm calling you out.
This town's not big enough for the both of us!
Then act like a tree and leaf.
Or react like a reactor and SCRAM?!?
Spam, Bacon, Sausage and Spam.

Can of Spam...
Spam animals roam the forests around my home.. Spam animals are large, some, are 500 lbs. or more. They can be extremely vicious.. The mama Spam animals with babies are the most dangerous.. Wild Spam animals do not make good Spam because of their forest diet.. Domesticated Spam animals are used for canned Spam. Only the shoulder parts and hams are chosen to be Spam.. I once invited my boss and her husband to dinner at my home and served Spam as the main dish.. Great with any flavor of Mogan/David table wine.. They were really impressed. I guess you can tell I like Spam. After all, it's un-American not to... 1.3 million Hawaiians can't be wrong. Spam,, tasty.....
Green Eggs and Spam.
I would eat it without custard,
But with lots of hot dog mustard....
I prefer pickle relish--my grandma's homemade relish.




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