Has anyone seen the site for these lunatics?

Crazy white guys with guns. Did I mention they're zealots?

Wait, I did say they were lunatics.


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I haven't seen their web page but I've heard they went from being a prayer circle to a bunch of guys stockpiling weapons for Jesus. Because when they looked at their little camoflauge plastic "What Would Jesus Do" bracelets, they decided, "HEY, let's stockpile some guns, get some explosives, plan to kill police officers, go to funerals of above mentioned police officers, and BLOW EVERYBODY UP". Yeah, real Christian zealots, all right.

They appear to be far right libertarians.....off the charts. Law enforcement is against their belief system, I guess. This plot was going to be the catalyst that would make other like-minded angry white guys join the "cause"...against the government. All government. This court case should be fascinating to watch.
Seeing that I'm old, I remember the Oklahoma bombing very well. At the hearings the dud in charge of the Michigan Militia was talking about how the government had weather control satellites.

Crazy... and the worst kind of crazy, the violent kind.
As in: The Government can control the WEATHER? Wow....maybe the trailer these guys were living in had fumes....really strong fumes that killed LOTS of brain cells.

I will be looking into these "hearings" you mentioned. AND the website of this cult. I'm sure the FBI can find all the probable cause they need on the website!!




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