I recently received a full time commission to be a server administrator for a local health care company, one of the only ones hiring for my position around. I like the job, and enjoy the work/hours. Only one issue comes to mind. It is a Methodist hospital, part of the OhioHealth network of hospitals.

I don't work with the patients often, but when I do, I feel that I am lying to them about myself as I represent myself as a religious follower. It bothers me a little bit to be surrounded by the many references to god and such, but since there are no references to it in the work place for myself - the server room - it isn't a prevalent event in my life.

If you were in my shoes, and were a very adamant proponent of freedom of thought/views, would you keep the job temporarily, long term, or quit immediately? It bothers me to lie to the patients, as we are a religious hospital, even if I don't say I am of a religous background, many of them assume I am because of whom I work for. But I can't really tell the patients how I actually feel as that possibly could cause undue stress on the patients and stress on my job.

Quit, stay temporarily, or continue to lie (possibly by omission) about my affiliations...... that is my dilemma. If it wasn't for my need of money and a job, it wouldn't be so hard.

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Maybe you could keep the job temporarily and get a similar job at another health care company? Theoretically, if you have experience in one company another one should be willing to take you. I know it's never as simple as it sounds, but this could be a possibility. I would be wary to quit though, without a strong back-up plan.
I have thought heavily about that, and when another position opens up, I will consider taking it. It is just that.. this one pays so damn well and the benefits for the li'l man in my life are astounding. Free health care, free child care while I'm working, etc al.
That kinda begs the question. What percentage of the hospital's personnel is in it for the ideological value as opposed to the benefits and wage? It wouldn't surprise me if there were more godless in that place than you imagine :D
Haha. Taking it one step further, who is to say that the Methodists whom founded the hospital did it to encourage caring and compassion amongst their fellow man as opposed to make money...? If priests/rabbis/ministers/etc actually got into religion to help people, then they wouldn't mind living like a Pauper. But if you look at the Pope, Rev. Parsley, others.. they take the money from the weak and give some away but use the rest so that they can make more money for themselves. I find the whole thing laughable.
Well, having a job is important. IMO, a somewhat cynical one, these people embrace lies every day. One cannot be a theist without embracing lies. So lie to them. What have you got to loose? The truth would make no difference in their lives, or change their minds in any way.
I understand that, and though I feel a moral sense to be truthful, that is what I have done in the interim before getting full time here. I didn't think of it as them lying to themselves all the time anyways, good way to put it to rationalize it to me.

Thanks for the replies guys.
In my personal opinion lying at work is better (or less bad) than killing people/getting killed at work, do what you've got to do to pay the bills.

I had the choice of getting stuck in the military for more than my four years of active duty (crazy unsafe work for a steady paycheck) or getting out and becoming a grocery jockey where I spend quite a bit of time saying whatever I need to say to customers to keep them happy (or less irate). I chose the job that had the least amount of opportunity for me to die a violent death by things exploding.

Not the best advice on the planet but it might help to put things into a different perspective.
The Christians have spent 1700 years lying to the rest of the world so I see no problem telling a fib or two (or three) to them. After all given the shitty state of the job market I wouldn't let your qualms about telling a lie put you on the unemployment line.
That was one of the major things that I was getting at. Be true to myself (and quit) or lie to them and steal their moneys. :P
That's no stealing, you'd still be doing your job.
Just ignore it, I work at a catholic hospital (im at work right now while im posting this) in a similar position. It's part of working for a company, if you dont like what they stand for, don't work there. Companies do not conform to you, you have to conform to them. As long as they arn't forcing you to change your personal beliefs (which is discrimination and is illegal if they are requiring it for employement), my advice is just ignore the god posters/references and avoid any religious conversation with people. If you can't avoid the conversation then be as brief as possible with it, you can always take the stance of "this is my job and I don't discuss personal beliefs in a professional setting", this works really well for me. You are going to deal with this if you work in ANY facet of healthcare. I used to be a paramedic, but took this job because of my other degree and because it pays way more then working the streets.

As far as the lying goes, I see no lie being told. Unless they point blank ask you about it and you tell them that you are a christian. In a professional setting, your personall beliefs are just that, personal. If the company can't repsect that, then they are in the wrong, not you.
Honestly, I would see no problem in working for them so long as they don't push their faith onto you and do not require you to pay lip service to theirs. If they ask you, it is up to you to decide what to tell them. But, as long as you are working and doing a good job there is no reason for you to feel like you are stealing them or anything. And if it makes you feel uncomfortable, bring an interesting book to read during your beaks, say, A Brief History of Time. At least make something good out of religion by having it give you enough experience to break into the health information technology industry. Network administrator at a big hospital would be a nice position to reach.




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