I recently received a full time commission to be a server administrator for a local health care company, one of the only ones hiring for my position around. I like the job, and enjoy the work/hours. Only one issue comes to mind. It is a Methodist hospital, part of the OhioHealth network of hospitals.

I don't work with the patients often, but when I do, I feel that I am lying to them about myself as I represent myself as a religious follower. It bothers me a little bit to be surrounded by the many references to god and such, but since there are no references to it in the work place for myself - the server room - it isn't a prevalent event in my life.

If you were in my shoes, and were a very adamant proponent of freedom of thought/views, would you keep the job temporarily, long term, or quit immediately? It bothers me to lie to the patients, as we are a religious hospital, even if I don't say I am of a religous background, many of them assume I am because of whom I work for. But I can't really tell the patients how I actually feel as that possibly could cause undue stress on the patients and stress on my job.

Quit, stay temporarily, or continue to lie (possibly by omission) about my affiliations...... that is my dilemma. If it wasn't for my need of money and a job, it wouldn't be so hard.

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It would be a nice position, and I recently brought "The God Delusion" to work and have been enjoying it thus far, I must admit. It is quite interesting and I have learned some stuff I didn't know before. Perhaps not learn, but realize/think about.
Pretty good book. You should also give The Greatest Show on Earth a shot, if you haven't already. As good as his writings on religion are, Dawkins gives his best when he deals with biology, ethology and evolution.
I think this is a similar conundrum to spending time with a religious family/family member.
Do you disown your brother/mother/sister because they're a believer and say grace at the dinner table ... etc. , or do just ignore it ?

Obviously it's all easier said than done, but I for one, don't want to become (return to being - actually) an intolerant, exclusionary just because those around me don't agree with me.

I'd say keep the job until you find another, and if anyone asks you outright about your views ? Tell them the truth, however you see it.
So - does the hospital only accept Methodist patients and money?
Robert, If you are referring to Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, you're personal beliefs in the area of religion will have no bearing at all on your perceived job performance. It's a non-problem as far as the hospital administration and official policy. I can say this from personal knowledge and experience as a long time acknowledged atheist. I do not mean to imply that there are not some people there who are bigots - of course there are. Now am I suggesting that you try to shove your beliefs (perhaps I should say "your unbeliefs") down anyones throat. Simply ignore the whole topic and there will be no problem.


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