I have been searching and searching through my pages but can't seem to find the person who said it. But one member of Atheist Nexus said that the idea of God is an hypothesis like many things in science are. I would suggest that person might find Victor J. Stenger's book, God the Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows that God does not Exist, a book worth reading.

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I'll second that recommendation!

We know that the common "3 O's" idea of an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent god is unsupportable. Stenger's book posits, for the sake of argument, a much weaker "standard model" of a god who created the universe, has a special interest in human beings, listens to prayers, and doesn't hide him/her/itself from sincere seekers. (That's from memory, but should be mostly accurate.) Stenger shows from multiple perspectives that the universe, our solar system and our planet, and life on earth look exactly as we expect them to when such a god does not exist.

The arguments include such things as the staggering inefficiency of a cosmological system supposedly created solely for our benefit, and the fact that no "true religion"'s followers, or even leaders, are acting more objectively morally than are members of other religions, or nonbelievers.

Grinning Cat:

That's a good, though brief, synopsis of God the Failed Hypothesis.




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