Hypotheses: 1) Quitting A Religion Is Easier Than Quitting Religion. 2) Quitting A Faith Is Easier Than Quitting Faith.

I quit the RC religion in the Spring of 1957 while I was in college.

Months later as I was enjoying my new intellectual and emotional freedom, I heard the “God is love” mantra. I had never heard it and for a moment it tempted me.

Then I realized that duty, not love, had been paramount in the home I’d known. In another moment, as if an intuition bubbled up from somewhere, I told myself “No, it’s too late for that.”

Decades of happy agnostic atheism followed, agnostic because I never gave religion another thought.

Faith? unevidenced faith differs from evidenced faith.

Your thoughts?

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Why the notion of reconciling the ethos of your home with reality?

Don't understand what you mean by easier to quit religion than religion or easier to quit a faith than faith.  

Unevidenced faith is oxymoron. 

Frankie, thanx for your Q’s. Some of the below willbe in a memoir I’m writing.

1) The home I grew up in was my reality. When I left that home my realty changed—physically, then intellectually, and finally emotionally.

2) It’s easier to quit A religion than religion because:

a) religions compete for believers and some baits catch more victims than others.

b) the religion I quit was Catholicism and daily indoctrination is more effective than weekly largely social services

c) Catholicism has had 2K years to improve its answers to difficult questions while other xianities have had only 500 or so years. I needed better answers than those I was taught, and better than those I would have been taught by other xianities.

3) not an oxymoron because a belief that evidence exists is not proof that it exists.

"Catholicism has had 2K years to improve its answers to difficult questions while other xianities have had only 500 or so years."

Apologetics! Why does a religion revel in its ability to make apologies? 

"apologetics, singular or plural noun; reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine."

God exists; 

God loves me;

Two beliefs that have no proof of existence even as they make some feel loved by a higher power. These two beliefs exist as constructs in the minds of some and not in the minds of others. 

Joan, IMO religion satisfies needs unhappy people have.

Happy people don’t have those needs.

Paraphrasing your two lines: I love me. Who needs a god’s love?

Religion needs people who don’t love themselves.

Yes, I agree!  Excellent points. 

 Interesting thought and well said!

You are welcome. I am nudging the turnip truck. 

Not your most perspicacious post by a long shot!

I am gonna assume you mean that it is easier to be an apostate than to remain a believer.  And to that i say it depends on the degree of indoctrination and acumen of the believer.  So it is gonna vary from one believer to another. Unlike the marketplace of ideas religion is not an idea in which merit is the paramount issue. If it were that way faith would be abjured the way a mosquito is in front of a professional bug zapper. Instead it is a psychological chicken playing on deepest hopes and fears. 

You wrote evidenced faith in the first instance, not a belief that it exists. On your revision i have no qualms. 

Wouldn’t cha know—someone has trademarked/copyrighted ‘fellofftheturniptruck’ (no spaces) and is selling rights to use it. Ain’t free enterprise great?

Free enterprise tells no lies ...if ya believe that ya'ar on the turnip truck. 

I agree!

That seems reasonable to me. Indoctrination gets into deep spots of the brain making it difficult to expunge the notions ground into it.

Mothers in China bind the feet of their daughters because of indoctrination.

Mothers in Africa cut the clitoris from their daughters because of indoctrination.  

Fathers do not participate in the procedures; they do participate in the indoctrination. 

I don't know, Tom. I just woke up one day to no evidence of a god and also came to a conclusion that if a god was around there is no proof of him loving me.




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