Hypotheses: 1) It’s easier to quit A religion than religion. 2) It’s easier to quit A faith than faith.

I quit the RC religion in the Spring of 1957 while I was in college.

Months later as I was enjoying my new intellectual and emotional freedom, I heard the “God is love” mantra. I had never heard it and for a moment it tempted me.

Then I realized that duty, not love, had been paramount in the home I’d known. In another moment, as if an intuition bubbled up from somewhere, I told myself “No, it’s too late for that.”

Decades of happy agnostic atheism followed, agnostic because I never gave religion another thought.

Faith? unevidenced faith differs from evidenced faith.

Your thoughts?

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I don't know, Tom. I just woke up one day to no evidence of a god and also came to a conclusion that if a god was around there is no proof of him loving me.

  You are great at provokin thought! I really apprecitate that!

That is why I love Tom. He challenges me! He confronts me with reasonable questions! 


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