Hypothesis: images stimulate men and words stimulate women

I am assuming heterosexuality. Homosexuailty merits its own thread but I'm not qualified to start it.

The evidence?

That images stimulate heterosexual men has been confirmed so often that it is beyond reasonable doubt. If you have evidence to the contrary, please post it.

Men know the importance of pickup lines. Yet, however trite many such lines are, many women fall for them. And poetry, especially romantic, works.

In a Toastmasters club about a year ago I gave a talk on the ability of men to have multiple orgasms. My qualifications included my work as a sex educator in which I spoke by phone with hundreds of unidentified young people. Many asked about orgasm and how to have them. In my talk I described some of their questions and my replies.

None of the men who heard my talk objected to it. (One who was about to marry said he liked it.) Two of the several women who heard it objected. At a later officers meeting I agreed to be less explicit in future talks.

Weeks ago I read of research confirming the effectiveness of words.

Your evidence, pro or con?

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It could be that members of all genders exhibit differences in sexual response, which I assume from context, to images versus words. One would need controlled experiment. I enjoy eye candy of all varieties.

Ruth, I enjoyed the Candida Royalle porn movies; they told stories about the characters.
I watched some porn made for men and described it to others as 'wall-to-wall fucking'. It bored me. I sometimes wondered if I'd received less testosterone than most boys.
I'm wanting to do another talk about the reason(s) America is so weird about sexuality.
One reason according to Richard Posner, a famous law professor and a Federal Appellate Court judge who wrote for his fellow judges, is that America is the only nation settled by both Catholics and Puritans. The Catholics' rules about beliefs were strict and their rules about behaviors were lax. The Puritans, in rebelling, made strict rules about behavior and few about beliefs.




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