I am flabbergast over 15 years old executed for blasphemy

I read article about 15 years old Syrian executed by Rebels for cursing about prophet . I could not believe it.  I can't image this if occur  in my country.


He was only 15 years old.  Come on. 

I have no idea who is  Prophet Muhammad . If it is okay to I don't believe Jesus Christ so same with Prophet Muhammad. I don't see the different.

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Your link doesn't work. 

"I don't believe in your religion."

"Of course you know we will have to kill you for not believing."

"OK. I suddenly believe now. Let's study holy books."

BAD things have always been done in the name of religion. People have been burned at the stake and some ignorant bastard says "we have killed the body but we have therefore saved the soul." It never occurred to them that they had just executed and burnt up that soul. I've always wondered what else is going on here? Is some message being sent to the family by doing these acts? Also, who gets the property of the deceased? Important questions for a senseless act of ignorance.

A "witch" was burned at the stake recently.  Really.  I don't remember the country. 

Luara, this video is a witch burning of several people in Kenya recently.  **Warning.  Graphic.**


wow, they are brainwashed.

It's possible because the people doing it would rather live in the 15th century than the 21st.


I wasn't nauseated, I was horrified, you know those are real people being burned, not movie actors, I kept going "oh my god oh my god" and quit watching it after a bit.  And what I saw was surely mild compared to someone burned at the stake. 

how someone operates a camera filming that, I don't know. 

Luara, I've heard it said that the opposite of love is not hate, but a lack of empathy.  Offhand, I'd have to say that describes anyone who could watch such an event without the kind of reaction you had.  "Oh, they're not one of us, so it doesn't matter what happens to them," I suspect sums up where they're coming from.

And yes ... "Horrifying" describes it too well.

To quote George Bernard Shaw:  "The worse sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them but to be indifferent toward them.  That is the essence of inhumanity." 

This is what happens when absolutism and dogma are allowed to dominate in lieu of reason, rationality and skepticism.  This is the kind of mindset which the crowds with the "BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM!!!" signs want to see realized.  It's a world where freedom of speech and diversity of opinion are death-penalty offenses, a world where there is only one supposed truth, and that is the "truth" espoused by islam.  Ideology of this stripe doesn't care about age or innocence any more than it cares about demonstrable fact or provable theory.  It doesn't even care that nothing of its dogma can be corroborated in the least measure.  All it cares about is that it becomes The ONLY GAME IN TOWN.

And this is why we fight.




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