I am flabbergast over 15 years old executed for blasphemy

I read article about 15 years old Syrian executed by Rebels for cursing about prophet . I could not believe it.  I can't image this if occur  in my country.


He was only 15 years old.  Come on. 

I have no idea who is  Prophet Muhammad . If it is okay to I don't believe Jesus Christ so same with Prophet Muhammad. I don't see the different.

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The picture the media does not want you to see.  PZ Myers initially had a link to this photo on his blog and now it is even gone from there for some reason.  As horrible as these types of images are, the world needs to see the result of the atrocities done in the name of religion. 

Your link has a problem, TFA, and for those who need it, try this.

I thought I had seen something horrific when I saw Aisha from Afghanistan with her nose and ear cut off.  This atrocity takes islamic horror to an entirely new level and makes the need to fight religious extremism and fundamentalism all the more imperative.

Thanks for correcting that, Loren. 

Thank you sir

I agree. The world should know about Muslim atrocities. No censorship.

I realize the people in Syria are fighting to overthrow a bloodthirsty, dictatorial and hereditary regime.  So, the fundamentalist religious type come in to offer aid....but at a very high price. The replacement of a despotic regime with a theocratic one.

I'm reminded of the phrase in the movie The Wind That Shakes The Barely, when the two brothers were arguing over the role of the Catholic Church in post-revolution Ireland. "Why do you want to replace the tyranny of London with the tyranny of Rome?"

Why replace the tyranny of Damascus with the tyranny of Mecca?

and this seems to be the pickle Obama finds himself in. How to help get rid of the Assad regime and at the same time get the "good" guys in power. A highwire act if I ever saw one. I have no love for the Assad family but the idea of another middle eastern country becoming muslim kinda makes me woozy. In this case, I don't feel to bad to support a pragmatic approach.

Because some people need tyranny. It spares them the discomfort that accompanies thinking.

my apology for this link does not work. re do with link.

Sadly the Syrian rebels AKA radical Muslims have the support of the USA,UK,France and Qatar

Oh My .  I didn't want to see that!!.  I know how cruel people can be.  No matter the name they choose to use.  Cruel is cruel.  I don't stick my head in the sand but photos like that should come with a warning.

I feel the same way K.  I force myself to read and look at some of the horrors cruel people do to others, but only enough to know what's happening.  Too much of that, and I get very depressed.


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