I am flabbergast over 15 years old executed for blasphemy

I read article about 15 years old Syrian executed by Rebels for cursing about prophet . I could not believe it.  I can't image this if occur  in my country.


He was only 15 years old.  Come on. 

I have no idea who is  Prophet Muhammad . If it is okay to I don't believe Jesus Christ so same with Prophet Muhammad. I don't see the different.

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The world's occasional horrors sadden me and remind me that we have more to do.

They stopped depressing me when I realized -- and I mean ABSORBED THE IDEA -- that our ancestors were pond scum, without there being even a hint of morality as the big ones ate the small ones.

That any small ones survived to reproduce is evidence that they outnumbered the big ones, and in several billions of years the small ones devised a plan to slow their being eaten.

We call the plan democracy, but in truth it's oligarchy -- rule by those who vote.

The depression I once felt resulted from having been told -- indoctrinated with some shit about being born a member of a species -- one species among many millions -- favored by a sky daddy.

When I tossed that infamous lie, the depression became sadness. My sadness is sometimes accompanied by an anger-driven determination to increase the number of people who vote.

I hope you join in the effort.

I'm all for that Tom.  Voting is one of the most important things we can do.

Even though it sometimes feels like I'm spitting into the wind.


On the bright side, Romney ain't the president.


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