I am my own god. My brain is my temple; my good action is my own redemption.

The light religions talk about, It’s in your brain, it’s calls a Eureka moment.

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Yes, but you have to beware, Serge. Those same christians that say atheism is just another religion will now use scriptures to claim that in the end times man will claim he is god. They also claim that everybody has a god, and that anything could be your god. Then the BS list starts, --your wife, your girlfriend, your car, your job, your music and movies, your clothes, your stamp collection, etc., etc.

All of this crap because Eve wanted a little knowledge.

You are totally right Michael, I was just sarcastic. I Just want a say, I love the interaction of the philosophy behind it.

They only one I trust he is me. I am sad that religious peoples don’t stop at my door anymore, they couldn’t answer my entire question and it was kind of funny. I deal with them with kindness most of the time.

Some Question


1: Why there are 4 gospels in the bible when there are over 30 was writes.

2: Why do you follow religions that persecute women and scientist for 2000 years, exsemble: Hypatia

3: Why do you but sciences down when they cure illness. How is your cell phone today?


But I always do it with kindness and they are so surprise.


Most of the time they told me they didn’t know about it.

I ask them to look further in history before they preach again. If only one do it I win, that how I see it, one at the time. I done it before and I will do it again and again again.

I do not believe in the existence of any god what so ever.

Therefore I am my only source of finding the true.




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