“I Am Part of the Resistannce Inside the Trump Administration.”

‘Tis not I, but I’m rooting for the Resistance.

What’s your take on this item on Rachel Maddow’s show?

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I'm rooting for the Resistance. Is it Mike Pence or Jeff Sessions? LOL  Very strange that Agolf Twitler wants to now have all those close to him take a lie detector test. This crap just can't be made up. Hollywood writers could not get all of this in a movie. 

Fiction has to make a certain amount of sense.

This from Farcebook, by author Rebecca Solnit:

A marvelous little scribe from Rebecca Solnit regarding the self-serving "Deep Throat" wannabe


And then there's this, from Rebecca Solnit:


“All the off-the-record administration officials who tell us Trump is totally incompetent and they're governing in his stead and trying to limit the damage--they're chickenshits and maybe they're also a coup, because we didn't elect them to make decisions. They recognize that the president is not fit to govern and they are covering for him, but they are not fully preventing his lurching, incoherent rampages. What the fuck is their logic? "Well, he might start a nuclear war with North Korea at any moment but I like the tax cuts and it's really important not to discredit our team!"?


You are either an enabler or the resistance. You can't be both. If you think he should be resisted, stand up and fight. Or just spill the beans honestly so we can exercise our rights and powers in a crisis, since you won't. You're prolonging the catastrophe to protect yourself and your interests.


There's a sentence in the piece: "We want this administration to succeed...." At what, pray tell? Torturing unweaned babies? Destroying the climate? Kissing dictatorial ass? Removing all workplace safety standards? I know, I know, coward of the country: money for rich people is your god and you serve no other. Except your rotten party that's going to go extinct anyway, because it hates the future, which is not so white and not so male-dominated.”

Rebecca Soint says Anonymous is either an enabler or the resistance?

She doesn’t know political reality. She wants Anonymous to stand up and fight when only Congress can constitutionally do so.

In a game played strictly by the Constitution:

1) the House has to impeach and the Senate has to convict, or

2) the Cabinet, House and Senate have to use the 25th Amendment.

Neither of those will happen while Congressional Republicans fear Trump’s legions of voters.

His voters are a minority but they are “driving the bus” until Trump resigns, until Mueller indicts Trump, until the voters in 2020 defeat him, or until the Constitution provides for votes of no confidence that can take Trump out.

"Agolf Twitler" ROFL

All well said, Michael.

Some person in You Tube came up with that name for Trump. I borrowed it.


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