I love this video!!
And I agree !! Let's be proud to be Atheists!!

Uploaded on May 7, 2011

The religious have have been spreading their harmful dogmas unchecked for far too long. It is time for every thinking person to stand up and speak out. There is a revolution happening right now in this world. For the first time in history, we actually have the tools to counter the trillions of dollars of propaganda put out by theists. "Closet Atheists" need to get off the sidelines and into the game. The evolution of our society quite literally hangs in the balance, so what are you bitches waiting for?

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Well, Steph, I watched a major part of the videos and I can say I agree over 95% with this man. I like his outright militant approach and frank language. Gonna look him up now on the Net and go to his page.

Like me, he must have thought there was something fishy about the Assemblege of Cod church.

i wear my Athiest hat most every day.  no one knows what it is or asks about it, but still...

was wearing my Darwin fish tshirt today and a cashier complimented it.  when i said "happy solstice" he seemed a bit confused but laughed heartily.  not sure what that means...

my atheist themed t-shirts definitely get the best reaction.  lots of people saying "nice t", particularly my "what part of no fucking termites don't you understand" Noah's Ark t.  

i am proud, and i have never had a hard time offering my beliefs when asked.  i likely get asked more than most b/c of my last name.  most assume i'm Jewish.  i've been telling people i'm an atheist for over 20 years.  i'm quite proud of that!  i feel bad for people who have to hide it, especially those in the Bible Belt.  someday that will change.

Dusty is one of my all time heroes. He makes me proud.

He makes me proud too. I am so glad he is out there for us.

This is great!  Thanks for sharing and introducing me to Dusty - what a refreshing voice it is to hear from time to time to know that there are logical people out there fighting for truth.

Yes I was so happy to find his videos.

I absolutely love dusty......he was introduced to me a half dozen years back when I began my journey into atheism......he is great......check him out........he is on facebook and you can friend him and see all he does......the feds shut my facebook down for my views on the current polical regime in this country......but if you get the chance check him out.......and yes I too am proud to be an born again atheist!


I love this video as well.  Dusty tells it like it is!

I'm still a little embarrassed that it took me 55 years to break-out of my religious indoctrination, but I'm also proud that I finally did.  Something that most people never do.

Wonderful to hear Spud!! Hope more people stop believing fairy tales.

Awesome !

Just what I needed 2day.A dose of Dusty Smith.

Thank you Richard




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