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I wrote a paper about Maxwell in university. I don't know what it was about. Really. Maxwell kicked my butt so hard!


I would prefer you not mention Mr. Reed.  Whenever I see him, I become homicidal.

Sarah, I am grateful and pleased to have your input, and you write in ways that make me think ... then laugh. I don't have a satire detecter in my genes; I fall for satire every time. My friends know me well enough to give me nudges when I succumb to such tactics. Thanks for the nudge. 

I loves me some good satire. I tend to see satire even when it isn't happening. *lol*

Sarah, I NEED you!  You could keep me out of more trouble!  However, I am getting a tiny, wee, bit better. 

After my own heart, as they say.  To me, satire is the highest form of comedy, as it is witty, not merely amusing or funny.  If intellectual enough, it soars over the heads of small minds, but I am a big fan of the accessible variety, too, like Terry Southern and Stanley Kubrick in Dr. Strangelove, or Tony Richardson's adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One.  But I like Jonathan Swift type stuff, too. My favorite artist is probably Luis Bunuel, as his movies are so anti-clerical.  (He was an atheist.)

James, is there such a thing as a "Satire Meter"? I would surely like to catch on to satire before I fall for its trick. I confess to being not intellectual enough to catching it. 

I think they sell them at Walmart.  But they are imported from China and may not always work properly.  No, seriously, you don't have to be an intellectual to understand satire: more than half of Dr. Strangelove is sight gags and humor along the lines of the Three Stooges.

Also consider that one of the most popular satirical comedies out there right now is The Simpsons. Nice thing about satire is it usually smacks you over the head with silliness.

I'm with you, Joan.  Depending on the satire, my detector varies, but I absolutely, positively HATE POE.  Stuff like Landover Baptist and Betty Bowers is fine, but there has been POE out there which truly IS indistinguishable from the real deal ... which is why I hate it!

First time I saw the Westboro Baptist Church I thought it was fake. O_O




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