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They are bragging about being stupid. Okkkeyy

My thoughts exactly, lol.

"They" do not know it is stupid.  There is a passage in their Bible saying that the more knowledge one acquires, the more painful life becomes (suggesting grief, anxiety, fear, &c.).  This allows them to just accept the unexplained, the terrifying, the inexplicable, &c. because it is part of God's design.  Trust in the Lord.  God moves in mysterious ways, they say, but 9/10's of the mysteries have been explained: remember, these are the same folks who said that the sun revolved around the earth, and when Galileo disseminated conflicting theories, he was vilified, brought to trial, and damn near excommunicated.  They do not want science.  They do not want rational debate.  They only want to sleep and dream their dogma -- dogma as far as the I can see.

Very well said.

Wonder how she got to the protest or gets to the voting booth? Vehicle with an internal combustion engine, air conditioning, a radio, cruise control, pneumatic tires, and electronically adjustable seats for her fat, ignorant ass?

We REALLY need a "like" button.

Shopped. Or Poe's Law. But I call shopped.

I don't like entropy either.  You should see the inside of my car.

Or the inside of my mind.


Just... wow...

The Onion strikes again? Well, let's think about this for a minute. What part of this picture have we not seen being carried by gullible, uneducated, delusional people? What part of fundamental tenets of science do you not accept? Explain to me your position on entropy.  


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