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It's satire. These people aren't actually against entropy. Or probably anything else. This might even be staffers for The Onion or people they hired to pose for the photo.

What part of this picture have we not seen being carried by gullible, uneducated, delusional people?

The sign about entropy. They don't know what evolution is, I don't expect them to know what entropy is.

What part of fundamental tenets of science do you not accept?


 Explain to me your position on entropy.

Having a position on entropy is like having a position on evolution. It doesn't matter. The facts are the facts no matter what one may think of them.

Sarah, on rereading my post, I see the confusion!  No, I did not mean you, as in Sarah.

I meant what do people who believe Earth is less than 10,000 years old; who believe all life was formed in six days; who believe Noah gathered air breathers into his homemade boat; who have faith in a spirit world; who discount scientific inquiry; who use a book written by Bronze Age desert tribesmen or 2,000 year old stories as basis for decision making; who place man (male homo sapiens) to have dominion over all that swims, crawls, and flies; who position males over females; who support abuse of children by parents; who try to get their myths and fables into public science education; who expect tax breaks; who do and say outrageous things about sexual orientation; who blame women for what is wrong in this world; who teach people the highest value is obedience and then exploits their obedience;  who teach, preach, believe the passive gospel; who send men and women off to war to protect access to resources of other people; who bleed the poor, hungry, sick, helpless, hopeless people or use and exploit them for their own gain;  who label atheists as some kind of subhuman; these are the people to whom I refer. 

People who want to deny science and the products of technology should learn to do without them.  I doubt even the Amish could manage THAT one!

And they will proudly raise their children to be as ignorant as they are.  How sad

The tragedy, in my opinion, is they are running for office and getting ELECTED! What does that have to say about USA's voting population? It is time we stop being tolerant of intolerable values. I don't mean censorship, but to call a spade a spade. Politely listening to stupidity is just plain stupid!

Are we all sure this isn't a put-up job by The Onion?

It is. I posted the link to the article in the responses last night, but people are posting before reading the thread.

I'll be the first to admit that I was gulled. I clicked on the website that Sarah posted.  TheOnion article is entitled Christian Right Lobbies to Overturn Second Law of Thermodynamics. The article is by-lined from Topeka, KS, mentions Ralph Reed, and says that as Americans, we have the right to overturn any law we want.  It's actually a pretty funny spoof on idiot evangelicals.  And, right at the top of the article, is the photo posted here by James.

I've seen this picture floating around for some time now. 90% of my brain told me it was fake the minute I saw it. No one sets themselves up for satire that readily. Oh wait...

The sad thing is that evolution has easily as much support as the laws of thermodynamics, but because the bible has an alternative supposition (it doesn't deserve the word, "hypothesis") to how it all happened, the christers get all bent.  Would be interesting to see what would happen if the bible DID hold forth on matters of energy and entropy...

And Moses came down from the mountain and said unto the people gathered there, "There shall be four laws!". ;)

FOUR laws?  That's fine for thermodynamics, but what about electromagnetism?  Can Maxwell get some time in here (and I don't mean the guy with the Silver Hammer, either!).  How about kinematic physics and gravity?  How about mechanics and strength of materials?

[giggle!] I could go on all day ... almost!




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