Nobody on here seems all that interested in the lunatic neo-nazi,white supremesist, holocaust denier James vonbrunn and his connection to right wing hate groups,internet right wing christian hate groups and where this leaves the idea that any lunatic with a grudge should have access to weapons.
I notice that news items about the shooting have not been shown for a couple of days but I think it does show how accustomed people have become to random lunatics wondering around with guns in America. If this had happend in england there would be people calling for another clampdown on loonies with guns, we don't even allow gun clubs in this country anymore after some nutter went mad with a gun a few years ago.

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Shut up Karl. There are groups here. They discuss things. Sorry it all can't be gift wrapped and delivered to you. There is a search box, but that would take effort I guess.

I notice that [repetition of the same Americans are stoopid gun nuts and Mother England's apron strings gibberish]

Yes we heard you the first few dozen times. Do we object to ill-educated, myopic adolescent buffoons having internet access ? No. So cut some slack about the gun-crazed maniacs.
Do you ever stop being an arsehole felch?
Only with civilised company that doesn't let every piece of diarrhoia that crosses their mind spill out on their keyboard. Respect is not given freely, it's earned.
Mate I'm not interested in him because I'd never heard of him.Because I'm not American, nutjobs wondering our streets with guns* are rare.(apart from the police) I guess that's the point--it wasn't HERE.

*here the gangs and hoons carry knives,there is a death most weeks in Sydney,and serious stabbings almost daily==hand guns are banned here,and the penalties for carrying a concealed firearms are severe. It's also illegal to carry a knife with a blade over 5 inches long,but the penalty is only a relatively small fine. (about $500)
Hate to break it to you, you can get a gun in any country.
Once while visiting a country where handguns were banned a friend and I made a bet with the person we were visiting we could lay hands on a handgun. It wasn't difficult. We managed it the first day. Granted it was a crappy little .22LR. It was still a handgun and could still kill someone.

If by some miracle the government managed to remove absolutely *every* firearm, all it takes is a google search and an hour to make a pretty impressive explosive.
Ask Timothy McVeigh how necessary a handgun was.

Unless you're suggesting these people just aren't motivated enough to bother getting an illegal weapon or making a bomb. Which is kinda silly, considering it takes an awfully motivated person to make a kamikaze attack.
"Hate to break it to you, you can get a gun in any country. "

I did not suggest otherwise. Last time I looked,you can buy a large knife here legally for under $5 My point is that Australia is not the US. To try to compare the massive US social problem with no social problem with guns in Australia is disingenuous.
Yeah, I meant Karl. I should've been a bit more clear about that.

I'm not entirely certain banning guns would do a whole lot of good in the US.
They'd still be too easy to smuggle in and there are already too many floating around for it to do much good in the short run. Plus trying to round up the guns would make our nutjobs go absolutely apeshit. For a while we'd have at least a shooting an hour and constant standoffs with whatever poor bastards got stuck with the job of trying to get them all.

In the long run, they'd still be really easy to smuggle in. It couldn't be harder to smuggle in a gun than it is to smuggle in drugs. It's probably easier to keep handguns out when you're seperated by enough water to make speedboats and border running impractical.

When it's all said and done, I'm not sure if it isn't just the culture.
Last time I was in Oz, which was a long time ago, I never met anyone that was as bugfuck crazy as some of the people I meet here on a daily basis. I'm sure you have them, but you don't encourage them.
Guns may just be the symptom instead of the disease.
It's hard to explain to people that don't live in the US and see these kind of people every day just how dedicated to causing mayhem they are.
If they couldn't get a gun, they'd just go with a bomb or ram something with their car. Or a combination of the two.

The real solution in the US is to stop encouraging paranoid fantasies. Which won't stop anytime soon, since it's the main way conservatives get elected.
Hey Karl, I'm interested in it, in fact I blogged live about it.

It looks like what's coming out of this is that he wasn't a Christian, and in fact, called Christianity a 'hoax.' Which I'm not sure I understand how it's a hoax, but that's what he reportedly said.

I argue that white supremacy is a lot like a religion itself, in that, it's a belief system that irrationally puts some people above others. A 'chosen few' if you will.
I also think that this guy was sort of obsessed with religion and believed a lot of crazy conspiracies involving Jews, but a lot of that is yet to be determined.

If you're not seeing any news items about it, it's probably because nothing's really happened yet. I'm betting this guy will die before he reaches trial, but which ever one comes first, I'm sure we'll being hearing a lot more then.




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