I am unbelievably in agreement with the RNC Texas delegation

Apparently Mr.Romney introduced a new convention rule that basically says the leading nominee can veto and replace state delegates with someone he prefers. WOW. This is seen as a way to absolutely eliminate Ron Paul. Texas has 300 delegates. 30 of them represent Ron Paul. All 300 of them walked out. I say they are absolutely right to do so. If this is allowed, the candidate can just give himself the win. I am a lifelong Democrat and really have never cared much for Texas, but I am with them on this deal, because that is absolutely the opposite of democracy. No matter which party did it.

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You think the GOP is about "democracy"? Oy, vay!

The whole show is paid for by Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers (I've taken to calling all the useful idiots for the oligarchy as "Koch Suckers"), with a little Adelson cash thrown in.  The $5 and Ten-spots at the titty bars in Tampa have for three days been replaced with $20's and Grants.  Suspect Clint Eastwood is there to peddle a film or two, so long as he directs, of course, and think about all the potential speakers they silenced: from the Alaskan who could see Russia from her porch and thus had foreign affairs experience, to the young son of Dan Quayle, who probably spells potato "potatoe."  Where was that weird guy who blurted out about the platform's "legitimate rape" policy provision?  For that matter, where was George W. Bush?  Now THAT'S a first, I'll bet.  The GOP operates by what the Mexicans call the dadazo. Where was Dubya to hand over the reigns?

Right about that!

This must be the GOP's new way of defining solidarity ... by kicking out anyone they don't like.  This so smacks of 1984 that it's scary.  Note, too: I am NO great fan of Ron Paul or his politics, but this is NO way to run any kind of democratic organization.

Or maybe that's a clue: that the GOP is no longer interested in democracy.  The more they talk and the more they act, the more I smell plutocracy / aristocracy / ANYTHING but rule of law and answering to the people.

Indeed... they'll happily assert limited government, individual rights, and states' rights, except when it's inconvenient for shoving their plutocratic and religious agenda down our throats.

Good point.  Sounds eerily like the Mormon General Conference with its annual unanimous vote to retain the current president and 12 apostles.

How did Romney introduce the rule?  (Sorry for not looking this up myself, but I'd prefer to ignore the RNC completely.)

both parties have been infected by corporations that happen to be run by cultists.. imho




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