Dr. Bart Ehrman has a video on youtube in which he discusses the King James Bible. In it he says that when someone says they like the King James Bible his response is "Which one?"  There are many revisions of revisions of just that translation.

Thank you Dr. Ehrman. I would like to take his idea into a different direction. I often hear people say things like " I'm a bible believer" or I believe in "the Bible" to which I must now ask "Which Canon?"

The bible canon specifically indicates which "books" are in the bible.Wiki indicates that there are 7 christian bible canons in use today, though I suspect there may be more. Wiki is the last place any self respecting even amateur bible scholar such as myself would seek as a reference. On the internet it is the only source that even addresses the canon issue. This is very telling as to how close minded and pompous we as Americans are, in particular the Christian community. Most Christians have not heard of a bible canon and thus assume there is only one collection of books in use, "The Bible". Very few know that even in the U.S. There is a Protestant canon of 66 books and a catholic canon of 73 books. There are at least 5 other variants of the Christian canon in the world which Americans are unaware.

  This is very problematic. As a Methodist I was taught that "The Bible" was the inerrant word of God that He wrote so that we would have HIS testament. If I accept that God is real and that he wanted HIS words to be written exactly as he wished for the benefit of mankind we have a major problem here. There are at least 7 "The Bibles". If it was true that it was Gods only true word than there could only be one such true "The Bible". Obviously God would not allow us to have 7 "The Bibles" as 6 would not be his one and true testament. Of course Christians will automatically assume that theirs is the one true "The Bible" but it does leave much to question. If it was so important that we have Gods one true testament why are there so many differing ones? If we assume it is Gods word which one is actually true? How could we possibly know? Is it not reasonable to believe it was simply made up and put together by men?  If that is not the case then does God not care what is written in HIS book or what it actually says? If he doesn't care why should we?

 I personally do not think there is a God. But these are questions we might pose to Christians whom believe in "The Bible". 

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I use wiki all the time for references. Specifically to help  form ideas on where to find real references lol, I check the sources listed at the bottom as well as read the article to think of keywords to search. As for material I am willing to accept as reasonably reliable it depends on what I am researching, if it's something minor I will sometimes accept a news publication or journal, however most things I will only except from a website ending in .gov or .edu

The  inerrant word of god as decided by the council of Nicea lol. Well most Christians likely aren't aware that the churches over the years have burned countless books of the bible, the number that were burned out of existence likely could never be known. Of course in the Baptist schools we were taught these things, however we were taught them with the intent of showing how Catholics tried to destroy the baptists (of course you can't exactly trust the baptist account of their own history, or any other version of Christianity), since baptist was formed from Calvinism these stories were likely passed down from other denominations that came before. However the Catholics burned many bibles, that can be verified, also there was a time when they forbid people from reading the bible HAHA it was decided that only the priests had the ability to understand god's word so they taught it only in Latin (which at the time and place they did this commoners didn't understand), then would "translate" the meaning to the people (their marching instructions lol). I learned all this stuff in bible school and reading my parents old seminary books (both my parents graduated from seminary, neither became ordained).

also..... the largest single "text" of the bible is only like a few inches big. They built the bible from scraps of paper they found laying around essentially. Great way to preserve the message imaginary friend called god lol

Maybe gods like this senile old goat that does shit like that, here's my book (then forgets to protect it), makes promises of returning (then goes and takes a nap and forgets about that too lol), contradicts himself constantly cause he can't remember from one moment to the next what he said. HAHA. With a god like that humanity's fucked up history would kinda make sense. Or maybe we were just left to our own devices because we evolved on our own, no guide, no master plan, just a bunch of stupid great apes slowly trying to figure this shit called life out.

Oh by the way, Baptists came from Calvinism, but their account of the history claims they didn't, they claim that they came from Jesus (of course /sigh), and that you can trace a linage of mayrters through catholic history all the way to present day. Too bad all the evidence and facts show that they came from Calvinists lol

It's funny the only time christens tell the truth about how fake Christianity has been, is when they are talking about other denominations of Christianity. Wanna get the real history of the churches? go around and ask each church what they have to say about each other, and ignore whatever they say about themselves.

I still think that one of the most transparently foolish aspects of the new testament is that it wasn't even written in the language spoken by the supposed participants.  The language of Galilee and Nazareth and Jerusalem in the first century CE was Aramaic, yet ALL of what copies from the as yet undiscovered autographs we have were written in Koine Greek!  According to more than one biblical scholar (and I'm thinking of Ehrman, Price and Carrier here), the translational map from Aramaic to Greek is problematic at best as regards the colloquialisms of the time as well.

Add that to the issues of editing, altering, voting on what got included (!), and all the other madness the bible got subjected to and its credibility as any kind of historical record, let alone any claim to divine inspiration, is utterly GONE.

Ooh yea... in the entire star trek dynasty all space aliens speak perfect English. No one has a problem with that!

Gov. Miriam Ferguson-   "If English was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for the children of Texas" ( a perhaps false quote)

It's particularly interesting that the Greek often when translated back into Aramaic or even Hebrew often just doesn't make since or work in a literary since. But really who cares? I just am not that fluent in Klingon, so what's it really matter.

OBVIOUSLY Jesus spoke English just like every other American. Murica!


I've said this before but in my church days we had a woman who taught Sunday School that claimed "they spoke so strangely in bible times." She was talking about the KJV and she "loveth the lord."

I wrote about that in the sacred texts section. Many people like the king James simply due to its antiquated language, it sounds more religious.

What you have written just proves how much nonsense it really is. Believers do not seem to understand that. When I was going to a church in Texas years ago one man told me that the KJV was the only accepted version. Often these rogue Pentecostals would base their doctrine on that translation. If you read a verse from another translation it would seem to change the doctrinal view. For some reason they needed at least 3 scriptures to prove a doctrine. Often this treatment didn't hold water because of things taken out of context. What is the context? Read above and also below what is being discussed. Also, do not believe that all 66 books fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. So many even today believe that the bible lays out a view of events on a timeline that is slowly coming to pass. These people need to study how the canon came into being in the first place to get rid of such ridiculous ideas.

Another absurdity of it all today is that we have no originals. We have many, many translations but everything is just made from a previous translation. We find a fragment now and then that they say is "original" but you cannot do a bible from a fragment. With many people believing strange things even 2000 years ago, the powers that be played with individual writings until they got what they wanted, then they bound them all together. It's about the same as making it all up and so many were left out in the cold so to speak even then.

"And do you no what Jesus did then?" No, I don't and neither do you.

The very first absurdity of scripture is that people honestly believe a god being decided to tell Moses (or whoever it was) how he created everything and to write it down. Looking at this event in real time it hold about as much truth as the baptism of Jesus. When you want desperately to believe something you pick a group and then suspend belief to continue following. Where the "Buybull" really came from is also a strong factor in my atheism.




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