I built the BibleThumper iPhone App to help atheists fight proselytizing nutjobs

I'm 33 years old, originally from Belgium & like to think of myself as a pretty tolerant person. This is the true story that inspired me to write the BibleThumper iPhone App:

Now almost 10 years ago, a few days after my birthday (Sep. 11 ... yes, *that* 911) I was traveling in Nevada. One night, out in a little desert-town in the middle of nowhere we stopped for refreshments. I already noticed that the religious nutjobs were out in force due to the terrorist attacks a few days earlier, but nothing prepared me for what happended next.

There I was, taking a leak in the urinals of a deserted gas-station bathroom, when this creepy old geezer in a greyish suit comes standing next to me. Funny thing is he doesn't unzip & doesn't even pretend that he plans to use the urinal for its intended purpose. Just stands there. Then he breaks the uncomfortable silence by putting his hand on my shoulder (would you *mind*? wtf?!). And then he blurts out: "So, do you think the LORD will save you?". I was speechless, plus ... kinda busy down there, you know ... All the way through the rest of the bathroom ritual he goes in full-speed proselytizing mode while I'm trying to figure out if he's drunk, insane or both. Sadly he was neither, I saw him join his happy little family a bit later.

In French we would say "Quel culot!" & ever since that day I have felt a great contempt for proselytizing fundies. So, "proselytizing-fundie-perv from Nevada", the iPhone BibleThumper app is dedicated to you!

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I can't think of a more deserving dedication.
When I clicked on your "bible thumper" attachment my Norton security program declared the page "unsafe".
Hi Walter,

The attachment is just a picture of the biblethumper logo. Should be harmless ;-) The app itself is available on iTunes. If you have iTunes installed, this link should take you to the app: http://itunes.com/apps/biblethumper
"So, do you think the LORD will save you?"

A: "From creepy guys in suits groping me in the men's room while I'm taking a piss?"
Nice comeback! I was too baffled to say anything though.
Yeah, I'm usually too baffled to think of such a comeback on the spot. But someone physically touching me while I'm taking a piss? Ok, different for women since we're always separated by stalls. But still, I think I'd have had to say something, if not haul off and punch the guy.
And, now I have a reason to get an iPhone.
I have the Skeptics Annotated Bible as a bookmark on my Blackberry. (I have a free one through work.) Can you develop it for a Blackberry?
Ow man, I have no clue about BlackBerry development, Android's a bit closer to home though.
yeah, bimodal distribution, eh, the negative stars are largely due to the fact that the app was free for awhile which drew out the fanatics ... making the app free to do some promotion was stupid in hindsight ;-) ... however, the actual reviews are encouraging ... some of the issues with the app (font, user interface) will be addressed in a free update
I'm sorry you were accosted by a fundie in a bathroom, but thanks for sharing! LOL.



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