My mom knows I'm an atheist! And it's okay! I had been scared to tell my parents, but my mom was really calm about it and told me not to worry about what other people think and that she accepts me no matter what! Turns out that my brother is an atheist too, I had my suspicions and now I know for sure. I'm still not telling my dad as he's pretty active in the church (and he helps me pay for college, still have to wait until I'm financially independent for that conversation).

I feel like some of the weight is off my shoulders now. Future conversations with relatives are looming, but for now I'm relieved and happy!

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I had a good laugh about that! Maybe one day you thinking for them will work! I think it's worth it too! My boyfriend's mom is dating a guy who very seriously believes in the whole "end times" thing (because it's totally going to happen in his lifetime...riiiight) and I really have to bite my tongue around him. Maybe I'll let him borrow my copy of "The God Delusion" and send him down the right path!
wow that's great! my mother acted as if I told her I had some sort of mental disorder. She also took offense for some reason.
That's great! Good job. Let's hope others will be encouraged to do the same thanks to your bravery.
I kind of know how that is. My parents forbade me to tell my dad's father pretty much anything about myself. XD He's a staunch conservative old fellow, which means we're complete opposites. I'm not allowed to tell him that I'm an atheist, that I'm pro-choice, that I'm pro-gay rights, or that I lived with a man for three years. >.>

I'm not sure why it matters, though, unless they don't want us all cut out of his will. Supposedly, every grandchild will receive $5,000 in his will. I kind of doubt that already, seeing as he's never cared for my sister or me. Our theory is that he doesn't like the fact my father married a Mexican.
The normalization of atheists... it begins! :O Dun Dun Dunn
That's awesome :)
Woo! *Fist pump*
Glad you lifted that wait off your shoulders! I wish my story had gone as smoothly, when I was asked if I was atheist I kind of chickened out and said agnostic and while my gramps and Mom took it well, my grandmother (who doesn't really believe in religion, but does believe in God) started saying that 1 day I would need God that we all need God and she never let me make my point and then said this topic is over. After that things have been normal, it was most likely a heat of the moment thing but it still stung >.>



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