As an author, there could hardly be a more obvious way for me to come out as an atheist, than in print. I wrote a 6-volume book about all I had learned when I began to search for answers.

I started by reading the bible cover to cover for the first time, and then revisiting the years of instruction and learning under a bible scholar in my christian past, and then by inserting every question that vexed me into the mix. My goal was to address those questions, both common and personal, and reach some sort of conclusion. I was floored by the number of disciplines I had to study or understand fundamentally in order to make sense of everything. Thus, my initial idea that it could be covered in one book became a dance with wishful thinking. As it turns out, it required 6 volumes, and it took over three years to complete the project.

I am retired and can write full-time, so i know i had a unique opportunity to do the research and compile all the data I had been collecting throughout my life. Most people simply don't have the time to spend on researching all of
the myriad questions surrounding this topic, and I was in a unique position to do the footwork for
them and present it with references they could go to if they desired. I wanted to cover the territory effectively so that perhaps any of those with doubts about religion would see how I came to the conclusions I did, and perhaps be able to free themselves as well.

I would love to know what any of you think of this magnum opus of mine. Hopefully some of you will buy them, (though i didn't write these books with the intent of making money. It was a personal journey i wanted to share). Free PDF's can be had in exchange for a review I can use for marketing, as the work still needs to reach its intended audience.

Not Keeping the Faith,

Kelli Jae Baeli


Author of 24 books, including the six-volume, "Supernatural Hypocrisy: the Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology"

Cosmology of God & Jesus (vol. 1)
Cosmology of Christianity (vol. 2)
Cosmology of the Bible (vol. 3)
Cosmology of the Dark Side (vol. 4)
Cosmology of Science (vol. 5)
Cosmology of Atheism (vol. 6)

Details beginning at

Also available on Amazon, but if you buy directly from my website, there is a substantial discount.


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Ok, if you want a review of volume 5 or 6, send me the pdf.




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