I'm like dizzy with anger over this thing someone said to me. I'm posting it here so you guys can see the level of stubborn jackassery you may be dealing with.

<quote>Under the law a person was held accountable for mistreating a slave.
Slavery under the law was not like the slavery of modern times.
If a person could not get themselves out of debt they could go into
slavery for no more than 7 years, and if the Jubilee Year came sooner,
then the indebtedness ended sooner. A slave that wanted to stay with
his master after 7 years could do so, and an ear piercing showed that
he was staying of his own free will.

Stone a disobedient child did Not mean a minor child. This was a judged capital sentence for an unrepentant adult child that was a drunkard,

I mean, how do you even say anything but 'fuck you' to this?

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Great cookbook.
Feast!~ xD
Thank you for making me smile through cross-eyed rage.
Stoning's not a good way to tenderize meat. It tends to get shards of bone everywhere.
"Stoning's not a good way to tenderize meat. It tends to get shards of bone everywhere."

That depends on the size of the stones. A boulder still technically a stone. I must admit it's easier to tenderise meat which has been filleted.That's what do here for our monthly Atheist babycues. Of course we also marinate unless using a spit.
I don't know whether or not the quote in the OP deserves derision; that depends on the context. If it is a history lesson, I would say: "OK, {is it true?}" If it is true and used to justify something then I'd say WTF?
Wow... I knew the bible supported Slavery, Murder, Rape, etc... but I had no idea it also supported Cannibalism of your own Children!

... oh wait...

... Jesus.
The replies are so funny I had to Stumble it; then it made me write a review. "Oh wait! Jesus!"
"...the stoning may merely have been part of the tenderisation...".

Yeah, getting stoned (in the Biblical sense) would certainly tenderize the snot out of a guy for sure!
Great responses. I laughed out loud.

Sometimes ridicule is the only appropriate response to stupidity!
Yes, they do lie. There were rules for indentured servitude found within the bible; but also laws for purchasing foreigners for permanent slavery, whom you could treat as you like. There were even laws regulating the sale of one's own daughter. They mention the first with the hope that you you're not familiar with the second. When it comes to defending their precious text, truth is a luxury they can ill afford.
"how can you even say anything but "fuck you" to this"

Sounds lik a good enough response to me.




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