I'm like dizzy with anger over this thing someone said to me. I'm posting it here so you guys can see the level of stubborn jackassery you may be dealing with.

<quote>Under the law a person was held accountable for mistreating a slave.
Slavery under the law was not like the slavery of modern times.
If a person could not get themselves out of debt they could go into
slavery for no more than 7 years, and if the Jubilee Year came sooner,
then the indebtedness ended sooner. A slave that wanted to stay with
his master after 7 years could do so, and an ear piercing showed that
he was staying of his own free will.

Stone a disobedient child did Not mean a minor child. This was a judged capital sentence for an unrepentant adult child that was a drunkard,

I mean, how do you even say anything but 'fuck you' to this?

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I once had a friend tell me the reason we had different races was sometime around 2000 years after god created the world angels came down and interbred with humans lol

But hey some of them Asian women look like angels to me so maybe he was right lol
nice, so he doesn't even know specifically what his myth is...well to be fair he might have but as soon as he uttered the words "...and bred with humans" I clapped my hands and exclaimed "Done!" and walked away.

I did that because I didn't have anything nice to say...and since he was my friend after all I didn't want to speak the words that were flooding through my head at that moment.
I don't understand the quote... I feel ignorant T.T
i think that us atheist should carry a marked bible to show the believers these passages in the bible that they go by, to show how unmoral g?d is how it is all about death, the bible is a story about death, it is a blood religion. how can anyone beleive in this story........brainwashed people that never read the bible, they only listen to the guy at the pulpit interpretation and and in bible study...... they can not deny g?ds word
I'm usually reduced to an incredulous stare, followed by raised eyebrows and a slow blink.


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