I DARE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let's all get freakin' scientific on our asses and see what happens
if we do the following:

1) Pick a day. Any day.
2) Commit 30 minutes of your time to the pursuit of knowledge and
evidence gathering contributing to scientific analysis of critical
sociological issues. (And fun stuff to write on this thread.)
3) Pick any six hours of that day you picked and watch any random five
minutes of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) during each of those
random six hours you picked on that random day.
4) Then answer these questions:

a) Did you hear or see anyone holding a microphone that wasn't, for want
of a better word, despicable?
b) Did you hear anything that made any sense?
c) Did you believe that anyone spewing into a microphone wasn't doing it
for the money?
d) Did you doubt for a moment that anyone listening willingly to this
drivel isn't either an idiot or doing a scientific study? (In my case
it's both, but don't let my answer skew the study.)
e) Is there anything you heard or saw you believe is helping humanity or
the Earth?

I believe the answers will be NO to all questions. I am prepared to

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You do realize that here you are (ahem) preaching to the choir, don't you?
But I can't watch TBN for even as long as it takes me to hit the remote again. I just can't.




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