I didn't realize Jesus was such a big football fan!

Considering the fact that it was created about 2000 years after his death, I am surprised to find that Jesus is such a huge football fan.  I'd like to get my hands on his parlay card.  

But seriously this article is a good example of the brain washing religion has.  The main problem IMO is not the chant at all.  The problem is that so much has been taken for granted that the chant can actually have that kind of reaction.  In other words, they have assumed:  Jesus exists, Jesus cares about THEIR football game, Jesus actually helped them win, Jesus took sides, God cares more about football than homeless or indigent people around the world and so on...


Maybe this is why he can't be in {insert name of third world country here} to help the suffering people there?  The timing is off... He gets real busy during football season.



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@ Eric Frank:  Ha ha ha I am rolling.  It was struck by lightning and burned!  So he isn't a football fan.  schizophrenia anyone?  Multiple personalities perhaps?  Or no, how about "my own personal Jesus."

"We Got Girls!"

Gotta love it.

I guess the Lord was looking out for my Browns this weekend... Thank God... LOL
J.C. may be a football fan, but the bastard doesn't seem to give a shit about the Chicago Cubs!!!
ROFL!!!  JC has cursed the cubs right?  We aren't sure why but maybe we should find Abraham and sacrifice his son Isaac to remove the curse?  Maybe I will drive to Detroit and blow my trumpet at the gates to the city to see if it falls.  I could use a few virgins...
You can borrow my brother's shofar.

"How's that trumpet demolition goin'"

"Well, all I've managed to do is run off some tailgate bbqers and a guide dog, but I'm workin' on it!"

"Okay, then. Shofar, sho good!"
The Cubs cant' even use a scapegoat.  That's what got them in trouble in the first place!




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