i have a great revolutionary atheist  project to discuss  soon
 all atheist  must Collaborate  am very busy now  .. i need tow to three weeks
to join 

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"all atheist must Collaborate am very busy now .. "

Umm, who are you and what on earth makes you think I or anyone else will do as you demand?

Here's a hint:Try outlining your idea and asking for support. Telling people what they MUST do is likely to get the well deserved response of telling you to go forth and multiply. (or words to that effect) .

I do not engage in any projects or causes 'as an atheist'.

"Trying to get a group of atheists to agree on anything is like herding cats" (anon)
sorry i think its a couple of beers + my poor English .
and thanks for the hint
Fahad al, I'd love to hear what your project might be.
Yeah, why not.

I read your other post where you stated you are trying hard to write good English. Keep it up!
It is inspiring to know about an atheist in a place like Saudi Arabia. Thanks for being here!
The Nerd, Marshall,Roy The Infidel, ryan cameron
thank you guys for thinking well of me , this sentence sounds not right :) ok
really happy to be here with you
here is the idea :)
"am very busy now" lool
dont you think we should do alcohol tests before loging to social sites :)




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