Hello, I'm Scott Arciszewski. I go by Kobra on the internet, out of habit mostly. Most of what you need to know about me can be found on my profile page. I'm a mad scientist in training.

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Welcome Scott! Have you joined the mad scientists' union?
You might have to wait a very long time for anything "proper" from me, Amer.
Ah hah! I'll get right on that introduction then.
By now, you really might want to take a nap.
Thanks, and no, I haven't. I was unaware that such a union even existed.

Do they insure doomsday weapons?
You can email and find out for yourself. I'm only mildly eccentric, and not mad, so I'm not eligible.
Hi Scott. How mad of a scientist are you training to be? Are we talking Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz? I guess I will have to check out your profile to find out. :)
Welcome to AN!
Not quite Nikola Tesla mad, but close. :)
Tesla wasn't mad; just a little testy when he got shocked too often.
Yeah, but that's understandable.


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