This site is the first link(s) on google when you search my name. I changed my name profile, took off pic and everthing...but the links from google brings you to my page anyway. Can I get rid of "Atheist" being associated w/ my name on the net?
Sorry for being a closet case, but I wouldn't want to lose any business at work over it.

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You have no privacy. Get used to it. There is nothing A|N can do about this. You own your private data, you are responsible for it. No one else. You. You don't want your name to show up in google ? Use a nick. Either that or don't use the 'net at all. Privacy abuse is a trillion dollar industry and if you choose to believe privacy settings at any website (other than at industrial strength security fortresses like banks) can be relied on, you are incredibly naive. Grumpy ? Yes. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to repeat this point.

Do one of two things - give false information in your profile (like I did) or do a bunch of totally amazing things that people will want to blog about using your name. Then, at least, your atheistnexus affiliation will come up on page six or seven of a search on your name.
It does eventually go away but it takes a little while for that happen.

By "go away" I mean that Google probably archives it and it stops coming up in the search.

The caveat on that is that it will still appear if you search archive sites but you'd have to know they exist, go there and specifically search them which most people don't do.

Your best option is to completely delete this profile so that when people click on it in Google nothing comes up.

Then create another brand new profile with an alias, etc.

I've always used an alias online and very few people would even know me by my real name.

There are also concerns with identity theft so I always put the wrong birthday in online profiles.

Everything else is true but in order to steal one's identity the birthday and full proper name are required.

If you don't give that information you're relatively secure from online predators who don't know you.
Lucky me no-one shares my name.
People who know me know I'm an atheist but I don't bring it up with employers or necessarily want them to know because I had a problem once.

My boss turned out to be a fundy. Total nightmare. I ended up having to leave the job.
That is the wisest thing I've heard in a long time. Thank you, sincerely.
Stealing this phrase and reusing it elsewhere...And will be living that phrase out.
your picture is in the same row as GW eating a lion cub! lmfao




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