So, as a simple jest of comic relief, i posted on MySpace "I wonder how jesus got grounded.." and somehow, someway, it turned into a religious debate. It's funny how this little nitty argument got me further believing that conservative Christians are mentally retarded. Someone posted "he never sinned, so he couldn't of got grounded." then i said "Mark 2:23-28, look it up."
he said "nope, your just a stupid Atheist jimmy.." 
i laughed right here.
i proceeded with "at least i'm not ignorant. i gave you proof."
he said "whatever goodluck in hell, i hope you find what you are looking for."
"I found it. i guess you won't find anything until you die.."

he then deleted all his comments.
i'm sorry for posting such a frivilous argument on here, but it just makes me happy that... the opposition.. or whatever word could be used there, is so blind.
i wonder why they can't think for themselves.

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Matthew 15:3-7 are probably my favorite New Testament Bible verses. Jesus tells peopl to kill their kids if they're blasphemous. Oh, Jesus, ahahahaha.
My interpretation of these verses is Jesus used a 'pot-calling-the-kettle-black' argument to rebuke the Pharisians who criticized him for not washing his hands before eating. He was just a cynical bastard.
I was on a football (soccer for the american contingent) forum once and it started off as a thread on what music the teams come out to, but quickly turned to religion (dont ask how) but I decided to get in on this when people started punting for the Alpha "Course". It ended up a 600 odd post thread where one of the original posters of the nonsense got his Vicar/Rev/Pastor/Guru to come on and answer the questions I put, answering most with nonsensical reposts of Bible quotes and stories of "divine" nature. So believe me I know how frustrating it is when they call in reinforcements and refuse to use their logic.

Your final comment on the original post answered any question that you would have asked....."they can't think for themselves".
I posted on my fb account asking how and why an omni-being can be jealous with the verse as reference . next day i got 3 paragraphs worth from several relatives(each) branding me a very cynical self opinionated egoistic stranger also communist and a person incapable of altruism). After that they asked me to be tolerant of other religions and keep my thoughts to myself.
If people need to go into the offensive that badly, than it's likely that nothing you say will change their minds. Not only are they unwilling to critically examine their beliefs, their first response is to go into the offensive and attack the person that is making the claim, after all if you can discredit the person making the claim there is no need to examine his statements at all, right?

In my experience, there's a correlation between fundamentalism and these knee-jerk reactions to criticism, the bigger their unwillingness to examine their own beliefs the bigger their urge to attack people personally.

Good luck with your relatives!


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