Hi all, I've been an Atheist since I was 12. I feel so alone and helpless because the majority of the world's decisions are based on religion, like the decision to go to war, decisions to teach religion in schools, and decisions to limit my rights to my body and my right to exist...for fear of angering some wrathful God. There's a lot of hateful things in the bible, and those hateful things always seem to be aimed at me for being a number of things, young, a girl, intelligent, and Atheist. My favorite subject in school growing up was science, so I knew about Evolution before I knew about God. It's just that there's no explaining anything to these zealots who won't stop proselytizing no matter how much proof you throw at them, and will socially isolate you for not being like them, and EVERYONE is like them. My dad especially, he's an immigrant and has never gone to school, so when I try to explain stuff like Evolution to him, he gets offended like "I did NOT come from an amoeba!" I feel like I'm walking on egg shells trying not to offend anyone, but my existence offends them, so how do I exist? I think everyone thinks Atheists are Satanists, when in reality I'd tell a Satanist to STFU as fast as I would tell a Christian to STFU because they both believe in God and they're both trying to sell me something. I just feel so alone and am looking for some emotional support for other young Atheists like me. So hi I guess. Glad to be here.

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Hi Nicole. I think that many of us here will be able to relate to the feelings you describe. I certainly can. Since you are in California, I imagine you should have access to quite a bit of organized atheist groups. You might check out Meetup.com and see if there are any atheist groups active in your area. There really is no substitute for having a couple of people with whom you can discuss your thoughts on religion without being condemned.
Welcome Nicole. Atheists are like Jews and Communists - we're EVERYWHERE. LA should be a hotbed. Check your zip code -


You're not alone anymore.
As atheists especially those new to the life I'm sure most of us felt like we were alone or at least a little different. Atheism is not usually something most people advertise so chances are you've passed an atheist on the street or in the grocery store school ect. and didn't know it. Although it's more likely they were an agnostic because that sort of thing seems to be poopular nowadays. For years I thought I was the only atheist in Texas. Course that was before I found out about the Atheist Community of Austin and found out there were atheist groups in my area. Here at atheist nexus it should be clear you aren't alone and if you go on meetup.com I'm sure you'll find an atheist group near you. There's also American Atheists and Atheist International. So cheer up Nicole. It may not sound like the best advice in the world but I'd suggest not mentioning evolution or atheism to anyone who is not prepared to accept them. The only way I get along with anyone in my family is by not mentioning either.
Hi Nicole. I've only been atheist for a year myself (26 now) so I admire you for having a rational worldview at so young an age. At 12 I was working in a christian ministry's office sending out newsletters to keep the "meme" going, and praying for the lost souls of all my gay friends, lol. Regarding your dad - religion tells people all the time that they don't have to be smart, educated, etc. to have value to gawd, therefore it's very appealing to ignorant, uneducated, or less intelligent people. You're right that the bible hates women and atheists, but "well behaved women rarely make history". Just stay true to yourself, make some connections like others suggested, join some online groups like A/N, maybe join the live chat on Sunday afternoons on the AtheistExperience website (tv show - AWESOME) during the live stream of the show.

I used to be a creationist and was totally offended at the monkey/amoeba concept. It wasn't until I started listening to Dawkins that I finally "got it" and realized how beautiful evolution really is. It's no more insulting than the bible's claim that gawd made man out of dirt and woman out of his rib, or the islamic claim that allah made man from a clot of blood.
Glad you are here too. So many years of my life were spent feeling just like you simply stated in the title "so alone". People are very connected to their beliefs, and if they have only heard the same thing over and over that is all they know to believe. If you find comfort in the answers that you have determined are more true to you, then you really don't need anything else. Because in the same vein of "proselytizing" I find it is unfair, no matter what proof may exist, to try and subvert someone's faith by replacing it with beliefs that they cannot accept.

Anyway, I hope you can find happiness in not being able to muster true faith, because it is truly a wonderful thing and all of us (religious or not) deserve to live a life that we can enjoy. :)
As I mentioned earlier, I've been an athiest since 13. I've always been outspoken about how I feel about everything, and certainly I've been at times respected for my opinions and others rejected. The feeling of being alone as a minority group is why most others take the "cause" route. As I'm not really a "cause" person or a "joiner" either I find myself often isolated in my thinking. I'm usually comfortable with this, but today as I struggled to find data to support my hypothesis...(see earlier post) I started to feel that sense of aloneness too. I am repulsed by religious pursuits, and have a very small circle of friends as a result. However, I feel being true to my sensibilities is more important than acquiring friends I don't respect or admire. I hope this site will be a forum to perhaps meet some new and interesting folks, unabashed by the athiest title.




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