That I was good friends with some people for a time, just to tell them that I don't believe in God, they stop being friends with me. Now, we have never had disagreements on anything in particular, and got along great, and hung out. But when it came to me ranting about how this one guy is using religion to manipulate people was a reason, and I how I'm Atheist was enough to write me off.


Amazing how people change their tune when you decide to let everything about you be known, especially with religion. I thought you were friends with me because you like being around me, not because of my belief in a religion.

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I would say that they were not true friends.

Booklover is right.

Yes, we are here for you!

I can relate to how you feel man. I just got dumped on the first of Jan this year because i am an atheist and that my way of life (being critical of tradition) was overwhelming and conflicting. This happened despite me being open about my beliefs from the word go. I didn't even have a problem with her practicing her religion, after all we don't function outside the society, we have to live in it.

The truth is that there is so much social pressure compelling people to conform to established norms regardless of wherether they are backward or progressive. I guess the challenge is to find people who don't just tolerate you but accept you for who you are. 

Sorry to hear that Aviance. Maybe an atheist or humanist meetup group would help.  

I may be guilty in the reverse. A not all that close friend went on an insulting born again kick that included several right wing rants.  I unfriended her on face book.  Am I guilty?

Well, you see it's simple. Before you told them, you were their friend. After, you instantaneously transmogrified into a god-hating, baby-eating, satan-worshiping hedonist ... or something like that.


good riddance to bad rubbish.  that's akin to de-friending an out gay friend.  the comparisons to coming out gay and comming out Atheist are striking.  i'm not gay, but i have a better understanding of gay issues as a result of being Atheist. 

Funny?  I think I would be hurt.  They must pretty ignorant to be so judgmental, or must have been waiting for any opportunity to kick you out, because that's just ridiculous.  In either case, they don't sound like people I would want to be friends with anyway.

 It's a sad thing that some people really are that shallow. Fortunately It's a big overpopulated world full of people from all walks of life. Personally, I have found people from all kinds of backgrounds to hang out with even though they know I'm an atheist.

 I have always found it completely bizarre when some people let their religion do their thinking for them instead of evaluating other people for themselves.

 I hope you find a more reasonable group of friends.

Hi there,


I have always been upfront with how i feel and that im an atheist so most my friends have accepted it...even though they are christians....we agreed not to get into debates about it....My closest friend is infact a huge christian.....and we hang out a lot.....there are occasions that we will discuss certain things...but we never get into a heated discussion.....on the other hand....I have had family right me off......but *check the worry in my eye*......i have and always will respect my friends and family who are christians or anything if they feel they cant face me because im atheist...them im afraid they are insecure in their own dont let it worry you at saves me money.....less xmas and birthday gifts to buy...hahahahaha...I do not celebrate xmas as I don’t believe in it…but out of respect for family I do do the gift buying thing….but the rest they know I don’t take part in….I made  it clear at the age of 14 that I will not go to church and i am an atheist...i have always said as long as my mother accepts this....I could not care what anyone else thought....and my mom ...accepted it ..that was all that i needed.....nothing never ever....stop yourself from saying what you are if asked...BTW…glad to see a lot more South Africans are joining…….SA are just so ruled by the church ….its crazy…..

Amazing how a simple phrase such as, "I don't believe in god" will have people running faster from you than if you advertised you have leprosy. I daresay those of us who are "out" have all experienced it one way or another. I know I have. Even family members look on me with disdain. My general response to them is

I've been out about my atheism with my friends and family and none of them have disowned me so far and all are Christians (I live in the bible belt).  I have noticed that when it does come up especially to a Christian I meet for the first time it seems to frighten them not anger them and most tend to keep their distance after that.  It can be tough to lose friends and even family because of your non-belief but you are the better person for not resorting to their tactics and deserting them just because they do believe.

I can identify with you. I have been out for about 5 yrs. now and most of all my friends patronize me now . It is just fear and the mind control of believing in something so strong. No different than drugs.


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